Genalex - Gold Lion 6V6GT / CV511

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After extensive research and engineering, New Sensor Corp. has reissued the famed Genalex Gold Lion CV511 (6V6GT) tube.

From our review of this 6V6 tube: "The Gold Lion 6V6GT/CV511 tube is the top of the line in current production 6V6 power tubes. To go on about the subtle tone variation would frankly be a waste of time. They have the classic 6V6 tube sound. Plenty of smooth creamy overdrive. You won’t get better tone and reliability from anything else on the market. If you want even more then look for NOS tubes like Brimar U.K., Philips, or RCA.

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8 reviews



I can't compare them NOS tubes because I've never owned them, but I can say they sound great. I play mostly clean R&B and jazz. Nice across the entire frequency spectrum and smooth, not brash.

Very Happy with Genalex Gold Lion tubes


Bought a pair to replace the original GT 6V6 in my new Princeton Reverb Reissue. Did a complete swap out of the original 12AX7 preamp tubes with Genalex GL tubes too. First time using Genalex tubes and have had no problems. Very happy with the Genalex Gold Lion exceptional clean, warm tones with no noise.

Worthy upgrade for DRRI but note your bias settings.


I retubed my 65 DRRI with all Genalex Gold Lions. They sound excellent clean or overdriven and play great with pedals. One thing to note when biasing the 6v6's on a stock DRRI is that with the bias pot wide open, the max I could bias these was at about 64-66%. They sound great there though I normally run at a bit above that point. Fender biases these amps at about 50-60% which is too cold for some. If you prefer to bias above 65% give or take, you'll have to swap out a resistor with these to change the range of adjustment.