Electro-Harmonix 12AY7EH / 6072 Preamp Vacuum Tube

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Finally, a current production version of the 12AY7 / 6072 preamp vacuum tube.

From our review: "Sonically the tone is all American, making it an affordable alternative to NOS. Not as sensitive or bright as a Russian 12AX7, while providing smooth mids and ample bottom end. If you are experimenting with gain, this is the one you want."

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Electro-Harmonix 12AY7EH / 6072 | Friggin awesome!


This is a great tube! Rich mids, sparkly, solid bass. Super good for a Fender clean tone in V1 of an amp. I use one in V1 of my Fender Blues Deluxe RI and it is so dynamic and rich, I love this EH-12AY7EH tube! It feels like it pulls all the frequencies from the guitar. The lower gain value means your volume control will be easier to use at low volume. Would recommend.

Electro-Harmonix 12AY7EH / 6072 | Worth every cent, so glad I found this place.


Everything I hoped it would be... EH-12AY7EH has much wider range on my pre-amp controls and none of the racket from the signal smashing against the ceiling on the solid-state secondary....even with all the knobs (gain, eq, post and contour) all the way up. It's definitely a fair bit quieter, cleaner and fuller than the
GT-12AX7 it replaced.

Tamed the beast


4th tube in the preamp series that I tested in a Blackstar HT40 position V2. It has more gain than I can use with a big fat harmonic sound that made the amp into a keeper.

Excellent +


I switched all the tubes in my Cary Rocket 88R and ended up with KT120, 7189 and now the EH12AY7 in place of the 12BZ7.

The difference this tube made is hard to believe. Transparent, fast, and all of the other superlatives apply.

I read somewhere that the 12AY7 should only be used in guitar amps, DON'T BELIEVE THAT!

Got all the tubes from the Tube Store, excellent service as well.

This is the one.


Compared with GE (square and pinched plate), Tung Sol and RCA 12AY7's, these came out as equals, or on top. I haven't tried any of the outrageously expensive NOS 6072's, but after knowing how these EH perform, I believe that it would just be an exercise in experimentation, not gaining anything.
Truly great tubes.