Electro-Harmonix 12AY7EH / 6072

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Finally, a current production version of the 12AY7 / 6072 tube.

From our review: "Sonically the tone is all American, making it an affordable alternative to NOS. Not as sensitive or bright as a Russian 12AX7, while providing smooth mids and ample bottom end. If you are experimenting with gain, this is the one you want."

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Low Noise, Great Tone


I just had to write this review, especially after just receiving a NOS GE JG 12AY7 that cost me $50.00 plus shipping. Guess what? My old EH 12ay7 is just as quiet and sounds BETTER in my 5E3 Deluxe - more articulate and chimey - than the NOS tube. Perhaps I should have known since I have been using the EH in my custom shop 57 Twin reissue for 2 gigging years and not one failure. I have always read that my 5E3 Deluxe would sound best with a NOS 12AY7 in V1 so I tried a NOS RCA (turned microphonic after a few weeks) and now the NOS GE. Well, I'm done chasing that grail. The EH 12AY7 has Great Tone and is a Great Bargain. I highly recommend this tube.

Best amplification device in the world


There is no better amplification device in the world. Fet, Op-amp, or valve. Period.



This tube in V2 of my Carvin V3m turns it into a very playable amp. It not only tames the gain but enhances the tonal quality and harmonics. It performs better than the stock tube and also a JJ in this slot. I don't think you can find a better tube.

Excellent tube microphone replacement


A lot of modifications for chinese manufactured tube mics call for a 12AY7. I purchased an Electro Harmonic 12AY7 along with a few NOS tubes costing much more. In the end, the Electro Harmonix had less noise and a more transparent, clean sound.

I am now of the opinion that it's pretty damn hard to beat this tube with anything NOS. I highly recommend it for tube based condenser mics.

This is the one.


Compared with GE (square and pinched plate), Tung Sol and RCA 12AY7's, these came out as equals, or on top. I haven't tried any of the outrageously expensive NOS 6072's, but after knowing how these EH perform, I believe that it would just be an exercise in experimentation, not gaining anything.
Truly great tubes.