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The NOS 6H23P-EB (Premium) tube is a very noticeable upgrade over the Sovtek 6922 tube and Electro Harmonix 6922 tube. They are incredibly durable and can handle the punishment of modern pre-amps, including those made by Audible Illusions. They excel in detail, speed, and soundstage. The highs have air and sound natural.

From Wall Of Sound: "The 6H23p-EB tube is refined, restrained and nuanced. Starting with the bass, the 6H23p-EB is slightly less forceful, but more controlled and articulate than the Tesla ECC88/JJ E88CC combination. The midrange is nicely detailed. Male and female vocals are more present and detailed as well. The twang of guitar strings in Knopfler’s Golden Heart is more apparent. This increased detail is not at the expense of treble smoothness : it’s nicely detailed, yet doesn’t seem to overemphasize the vocal sibilance of the McLachlan and McKennitt tracks. There is, on occasion, a very slight treble hardness, but this is a minor failing in light of all the things this tube does well. I have about 90 hours on these tubes and it would not surprise me if this would smooth out a bit more by the 200 hour mark. The price is reasonable for the performance offered, and certainly seems like a bargain compared to the high prices and questionable performance of some of other NOS tubes...I wasn’t expecting the 6H23p-EB to be this good."

This premium Russian built NOS 6922 tube replacement is also known by various Russian names, including 6N23n-EB, 6H23N-EB and 6N23. These are the hard to find NOS (new old stock) of premium quality in both sound and construction.

The 6922 / 6DJ8 tube type is equivalent to the European ECC88 / E88CC tube and can be used in any 6922, 6DJ8 or ECC88 circuit.

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25 reviews

Great all-rounder!


The other reviewers were right - this Russian gem is great in both a preamp and a tube DAC. I'm using a Monarchy Audio NM24 and replaced the stock EH 6922's (which is a good, consistent tube for its price) to very pleasant effect. Very revealing in the treble frequencies - cymbals sound very natural - and smoothly linear, probably why it's so good in a DAC's gain stage.

In the line stage they have a smooth, clean presentation with nice imaging and timing, if perhaps a bit lean in the sub 80Hz range. A definite upgrade tube.



More bass medium and treble very precise and less aggressive.
The best tubes I've bought, tested on my Pathos New Classic One MKII.

A very good tube!


This tube has been just fantastic in my Monarchy Dac 24. It is clear without being etched, good midrange, solid bottom end. The Monarchy DAC seems to eat 6922 tubes but not this one. There is some variance in the tube quality some seem to last longer than others but overall this tube is very very good.

Best tube for my ARC Ref One and Ref One GNSC


Simply the best tube for my Arc Ref One.

Durable, nice sounding tube


Been using these tubes in an Audible Illusions preamp. The sound is lush and detailed with a clean treble and a tight, tuneful bass. Also very reliable.