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Finally we have a 7591 tube that is a close replica of the original NOS tubes. If you have an old Fisher or Scott tube receiver, or other amplifier, the new reissue Tung-Sol 7591A power tube won't break the bank, and will keep them sounding great.

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Highly Recommended


The new 7591 tube from Tung Sol is the third new production 7591 that I have tested. Being the previous owner of a McIntosh MC-225 amp, I am very familiar with JJ and EH 7591 tube offerings. The JJ 7591 tubes I found on a bit on the bright sound, very romantic and lush sounding, whereas EH tubes had more low frequency impact, but possibly less refined. Building on this experience, I chose JJ's for my new 7591 amp, and was not surprised to find that the same sound attributes remained...as well as their well known reliability problems. Two tubes have died within 60 days, what can you do. It was with some enthusiasm then that I purchased the new production 7591 from Tung Sol. A few hours into the listening session it became clear that these tubes combine the best attributes of JJ and EH with none of their weakness: Great low and and high frequency extension and beautiful mids (but no, they do not rival any good quality 300Bs). As for reliability, no problems thus far, two months and going strong.
In short, highly recommended. A must try.

Fantastic tubes


Plug and play in my McIntosh MC225 I found those tubes to be clearer then my vintage tubes. Very dynamic, detailed and beautiful as they match the vintage tube look.
I recommend them in a MC225 no question.

My McIntosh MC225 now sounds wonderful


When I acquired my McIntosh MC225, the tubes that came with it were near end of life. I wrote an email to thetubestore.com looking for recommendations for a new set of tubes for the MC225. I received an email back that recommended :

Preferred Series 7025/12AX7,
JAN Philips ECG 5814A/12AU7,
Electro-Harmonix 12BH7,
Tung-Sol 7591A.

I ordered the tubes in the correct quantity. For the first 25-50 hours on the new tubes my MC225 sounded harsh. Then it got that sweet tube sound and I found out how incredibly wonderful a McIntosh MC225 sounds. I have recently ordered a spare set.

Drift Away


I had my Sansui 1000A completely rewired and replaced all the tubes. The power tubes were a matched set of Tung Sol 7591A's. I turn out the lights and just "drift away" like the dobbin bros song. Just a perfect soundstage.

7868 conversion to Tung-Sol 7591 in Bogan CHB 35


We have been having a bad time with Electro-Harmonix 7868 tubes cracking at the base and the pins are fatter so they permanently stretch out the socket pins. NOS 7868 tubes are getting ridiculously expensive. I have had success in converting a Bogan CHB 35 to the 7591A's. Rumor has it that the guts are the same with nearly the same electrical characteristics. This does require the changing of the sockets, 9 pin novar to 8 pin octal sockets. The audio results of this conversion have been amazing! Check out H&N Audioworks on Facebook for a sound sample!