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Our top pick for old Ampeg amps. The Tung-Sol 6SL7 vacuum tube name and trademark have been acquired by the New Sensor Corporation. This new production Tungsol 6SL7 preamp tube is manufactured at their Xpo-Pul factory (also known as Reflektor) in Saratov, Russia. New Sensor is an American corporation and since taking ownership of this factory has been steadily improving the quality of current production tubes.

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Yup, it's a dual triode.

by -

Guys, it's an electron valve. Words like "creamy" or "soundstage" are laughably meaningless. This tube amplifies signals that are put into it. It does so with the expected linearity of a vacuum tube triode. I managed to break the indexing pin off of one through sheer stupidity; super glue is a good fix.

No complaints. It works, it looks good, and I expect to get a good life span from this tube.

Preliminary review


I've had these tubes a few weeks now. I have not gigged with them yet, and I'm using them in a Bad Cat 20 watt combo. I am comparing them to a few NOS tubes that I was lucky enough to find at a reasonable price. The Tung Sols sound very good, especially if you like a forward mid sound. They do seem to be as clean as most of my NOS, but I still prefer some (but not all) of my NOS because their sound seems more balance across the entire frequency spectrum.
I don't know much about tubes, but I've read that their tone changes after they are broken in. Now, I'm only comparing the new Tung Sols to new NOS.

Best preamp tube, ever...


I used this tube to build a bass preamp for a friend of mine. As a guitar player, I did not have a bass around, so I tested the preamp two ways; by plugging first into a guitar amp, and then by hooking my computer to the preamp and then out to a power amp and speakers while watching TV and movies.

There are three things you need to know:

1) Best preamp tube for audio and bass. My favorite TV show is "House, MD," and this is the program I watched most through this amp. I just loved how the pre added depth to the sound of the program. Music sounded great when it went through this pre, too. See #3 about the bass.

2) Great for guitar if you like a clean tone. Overdrive tones are just nasty and should be avoided for 6-string. Granted, I set up the pre as a bass amplifier, basically by adding no cathode bypass caps and setting the coupling caps as close to the 20Hz mark as possible, but still after running both the i/p through a filter I could not get a desirable overdrive tone, and I have read other reviews that have suggested the same thing.

3) Contrary to #2, this has great, great overdrive tones for bass. When I gave this to my friend, we turned the pre up to "10." Killer overdrive, probably the best overdriven bass tone I have ever heard. It is a laughable, the type of sick tones that come out of this tube when overdriven with a bass (Fender Jazz was used for this demo into a SS power amp). And the clean... any bass amp built with these tubes will produce "the" bass tone.

In summary, great for Hi-Fi, clean Jazz bass, overdriven bass, clean/clean blues for guitar, and stay from overdrive with guitar.

Would give 5/5 stars, but a bit of warning (4.5/5). If you are scratch building, you should build a DC power supply for the heaters. There is a noticeable hum from these tubes that is greatly reduced when using DC.