Traynor YCV40 - Premium Package

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Tube upgrade package includes

This is a premium retube set for the Traynor YCV40 tube amp. These vacuum tubes provide excellent tone at a reasonable price and the most popular combination recommended by customer feedback.

We’ve been supplying tubes for over 20 years. Use our extensive knowledge, experience and customer feedback to select re-tube packages that will work great in your tube amp.

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Bias Type: Adjustable Bias


Traynor YCV40 Schematic

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Warranty may vary for tubes in this package. See included tubes webpages for specific warranty details.

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Great refresh for the amp


Picked up the Premium Package for my YCV40 (Preferred 7025s and matched Preferred 6L6GC). I had purchased the amp used and had no idea of the number of hours on the tubes. The new package cleaned up some noise and smoothed out the upper mids, which were getting really harsh with the stock Sovtek tubes. Shipping was fast.

A hassle-free solution for your Tube Amp needs.


Similar experience to the other reviewer. I purchased a used YCV40 (2003 Firetruck Red Model) and had a pre-amp tube that sounded like it was starting to go microphonic, only at certain settings but I didn't know how much life the other tubes had left so I just opted to switch them all at once.

Heard about The Tube Store from a friend and the experience was absolutely hassle-free with their predesigned package for my amp. Shipping was fast too. Have recommended them many times to my friends who own Tube amps and will continue to do so.

- Alex G.