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The Svetlana EL34 is the perfect tube for classic rock. The midrange is very pronounced and the high end is smooth. The bottom end response is not the best, but in a guitar amp it becomes a moot point. In the test amp the mids just rip through the mix. No guitar player is going to get lost in the mix using these tubes. These tubes deliver incredible crunch making them perfect for that ZZ Top, old EVH sound. Seven string down-strokers may not be as pleased because they don't have that crushing bottom end. The Winged "C" SED EL34 tubes definitely have the advantage in bottom end but we find that it can get a bit boomy. For guitar players that need an EL34 tube and play classic rock music we don't think you can find a better tube than the Svetlana EL34.

If you are curious about how these fare in a hifi stereo amplifier be sure to read the Wall of Sound EL34 tube comparison for details.

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Good for HiFi


I have had a quad of these for years in a triode connected HiFi amp. They sound good, well over 2000 hrs on these in a demanding amp, and while two of the tubes are getting weak and have some warm up noises, they still do the job as long as bias is set appropriately to compensate.

Classic rock indeed


Admittedly I have not tried any other EL34 in my amp, but I have done a buttload of research and listened to way too many sound clips.. and my verdict was that when using power tube crunch in a marshall-type amp, these do great at giving you the tones of old. Reminds me of Angus & Slash.. not a lot of lows, just really epic mids and highs. Not harsh, but just solid classic rock. If you plan on keeping the power tubes clean in your amp setup, it really doesn't matter as much because before clipping power tubes tend to be pretty similar no matter the tube.

best of all current production el34's


in my marshall super lead plexi these tubes are the best of the current production el34 period....they cut a bit of the high treble marshall are known for and they are very rich in the mid territory...the perfect tube for a slp

Punchy and sweet when cranked. Wants to sing


For all the tubes in this price range that I've tried, these lasted the longest and sounded the best. I recorded with them for 4 years cranked to 10 in my Marshall (attenuated) and one finally went on me last a month ago. They gave it up like a good girl right until the very end. Ordering 4 more when I'm done writing this.

Best EL34 For Classic Marshally Goodness!


For me the magic combination for the tone I'm going with my Traynor YCS50H for consists of Shuguangs in the preamp, a Svetlana 12AX7 in the PI(splitter) and Svetlana EL34s in the power section. Crunchy high gain Marshally goodness.Very articulate and tight. Tonal nirvana!