Sovtek 6H30PI (6N30P)

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The Sovtek 6H30p-EB (6H30π-EB) vacuum tube is a reliable and well-regarded option in the 6H30 family, known for its distinct warmth and smooth sound signature. It consistently delivers a balanced tone with a touch of warmth, particularly in the midrange frequencies. The tube's wide dynamic range is a standout feature, allowing it to handle both subtle nuances and more intense musical passages with ease.

One of the Sovtek 6H30's strengths lies in its controlled low-end response, providing a solid base for the overall sound without sacrificing clarity. The high-frequency extension is smooth and well-defined, ensuring that treble notes are clear without any harshness. The tube excels in imaging and soundstage reproduction, offering a spacious and three-dimensional presentation of the music. Instruments and vocals are accurately placed within the stereo field, contributing to a realistic and engaging listening experience.

The Sovtek 6H30 vacuum tube is a reliable choice for audiophiles seeking a warm and dynamic sound signature. Its balanced tonal characteristics, wide dynamic range, and precise imaging make it a suitable option for various audio applications.

Please note that this tube can not be used in place of 6DJ8 or 6922 tubes in other pre-amps; it can only be used in equipment that is designed for it.

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Quiet & balanced tone

by -

I've had these in my Musical Paradise MP-1 Mk.2 for over 2 years. Very quiet with a balanced tone. Could not be happier with their performance.

This tube is the one to use in your new design....


This tube has the same harmonic distortion + noise from 20hz to 80Khz.
Since RIAA and DAC filters roll off under 40K, the bandwidth of this tube is easily twice what is necessary. The phase shift and gain linearity when used in the correct circuit makes the preamp and driver tubes of the old days obsolete. In the right circuit this tube will outperform preamps that cost in the 10s of thousands to purchase.

These tubes are easy to design with.

by -

These Sovtek tubes are better than the EH.
I just changed the socket to gold plated.
This is a must. These triodes will produce
0.05% even order harmonics at 90Khz. Cool