Natural Sound CV181-T / 6SN7 Preamp Vacuum Tube

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Just like the Shuguang Treasure CV181Z preamp tube, the Natural Sound CV181-T vacuum tube has sound qualities that rivals the best vintage 6SN7 tubes. They feature gold grid wires and pins, and internally coated black glass bottle. This unique HPCC coating is known as High Polymer Carbon Compound glass coating and is unique for its ability to reduce stray electron emission that can otherwise reflect off the glass.

Unlike a NOS CV-181 tube, the Shuguang CV-181-Z tube is a safe replacement in any 6SN7 circuit. It is not identical to the NOS CV-181 tube. However compared to other 6SN7 tubes, the Shuguang Treasure CV-181-Z tube has a much larger "ST" style bottle. The beautiful ceramic base is over-sized as well, measuring 1 3/8" (35mm) in diameter.

Shuguang also uses their new "Super Alloy" technology. Originally applied to aviation, aerospace, and military applications, this technology has been successfully used by Shuguang to accomplish directional solidification and single crystallization. This greatly improves the ability of electron emission and electron current stability.

The Shuguang Natural Sound tubes require additional parts selection (Including thoriated tungsten filament imported from Japan, high-density carbon anode metal from Germany, high-purity high-density graphite, and gold plated pins). Manufacturing quality control processes, improved vacuum techniques and additional burn-in time and testing.

These Shuguang Natural Sound tubes are their premium export grade and purchased direct from Shuguang in China. Beware of sellers selling for drastically lower prices  on Amazon, eBay, etc as they will not be the same export grade tubes.

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Not a good match for Atma-Sphere MP-3


I bought a pair to try on my Atma-Sphere MP-3 pre amp but it didn't like them. The DC offset lights stayed on, and there was a loud buzz with even a little volume. Not recommended for this pre.
I then popped them into my S-30 power amp and they sounded really nice. Richer and fuller than Tung Sols or Electro Harmonix and without glare.
Overall, these are a very nice sounding tube in the right gear, and they look gorgeous, but for some reason they are not a good match for my Atma-Sphere pre.

All about the bass.....

by -

Truly an amazing tube. You can read the other reviews for all the superlatives. They’re still true. What I want to talk about is the bass. What this tube does to the bass response is just amazing. I went through a phase of 6SN7 tube rolling, and nothing comes close. Imagine, if you will, that every other 6SN7 is a high-pass filter, robbing you of bass. Now imagine that someone removes that high-pass filter, allowing the lowest octaves of bass to pass through. That is what the Natural Sound tubes have done on the two preamps I have tried them in. It’s not subtle, either. It’s like popping your ears as the plane decends through 10,000 ft. It’s like listening in the next room and then moving into the main room. It doesn’t really boost bass, as much as it allows bass in the original signal to pass through. This is the tube if you want to listen to Jaco or Rage Against the Machine.
All I can say is “buy a pair”. I hope these stay in production for a long time.

Darkvoice 336se Tube Changes

by -

I purchased this tube to replace the stock tube in my Darkvoice 336se. That tube actually sounded rather good. It was quiet, had a nice treble extension and tight bass delivery. But curiosity got the best of me. I’ve trusted The Tube Store since 2000 because they have always offered the best products and service. So when I decided to replace my 6SN7 with the CV-181T I did not prepare myself for what I would experience. Suddenly my HD600’s had a huge change from somewhat narrow to expansive in soundstage! I also was treated to a sweeter mid and treble presentation. The bass bloomed with richer content too. Did I stop there? No! I added the SED Winged “C” 6AS7 to join ranks. I’m convinced this combination will have anyone with a DV 336se stop their search for perfection.

The Ultimate 6SN7


Tube rolling is an obsessive, compulsive madness that can drive you to
the brink of insanity...or am I (you) already there?

I love the lush
tonal qualities of 6SN7 preamps. My current favorite is the ModWright
LS100. My growing stock of 6SN7's from other preamps didn't fair that
well in the LS100. Of those my favorite is the 1951 Sylvania BadBoy,
with black plates and 3 rivet holes. But the bass somehow disappears in
the LS100.

Bass and dynamics with the stock EH tube and its gold pin
variant are wonderful, but there's no air and space or any of that
famous 6SN7 lushness of tone with these tubes in the LS100.

I was about
to give up when I tried the Shuguang Natural Sound. Though really pricey
(damn!), these are far and away the best tubes I've heard in the LS100,
including the Sophia Electric.

Like the EH tubes they play louder, are
dynamic as hell, and have amazing bass impact and depth. But they also
have that 6SN7 lushness, spaciousness and air in spades in the LS100.

An amazing tube that you can listen to and get lost in the music for
hours. This is what it's all a price.