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The NOS Russian 6H30p-DR preamp tube is a fantastic tube for high-end audio.They are typically considered the premium version for the 6H30 vacuum tube type (such as 6H30, 6N30 or 6N30P). They have gold grids and the large halo-style getter ring, not the small disk used by Sovtek, and the bottom mica spacer does not have any written numbers on it. Its original use was in critical space and military applications within the Soviet Union.

The 6H30 was first used in hifi audio by Balanced Audio Technologies. They introduced it to the audiophile world in the 1990's. Now, many other audio designers/manufacturers such as Audio Research and Conrad Johnson, use this wonderful tube in their tube amplifiers and preamps as well.

Please note that this tube can not be used in place of 6DJ8 or 6922 tubes in other pre-amps; it can only be used in equipment that is designed for it.

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Reflector 6H30p-DR | Stunning upgrade!

by -

I installed the Reflector tubes last night and I must tell you that I am simply stunned and amazed at the extreme difference that these tubes make over the SOVTEK 6H30PI-EBs. I listened to a number of my go-to CDs to be able hear the difference and it is significant. For the small cost of these tubes it is like changing/upgrading to a new speaker costing thousands of dollars more money. More natural sound, base is tighter and deeper, sound stage is more defined, violin, trumpets, piano sound more like the real thing. The separation of instruments on the stage, and the amount of decay on notes is improved. Previously, some CDs were a little too edgy/bright but this is no longer the case.

Reflector 6H30p-DR | Tubes in Audio Research Linestage

by -

I have to be careful here, otherwise I might lose all credibility, but in short the best value for money upgrade I have ever done. Even after some 10 hours of burning-in, 6H30p-DR tubes demonstrated to be way superior to standard Sovtek tubes. The full run-in tubes give the ARC sensuously textured midrange, and eerie presence with which it reproduces voices and solo instruments. The DRs produce a dramatic, palpable three-dimensional sonic picture with superior sense of scale. The bass is slightly drier and better defined, and the overall system has better musical grip and ability to tightly control Revels' woofers. In short, DR tubes make ARC to sound more substantial, colorful, and dramatic, more musically involving.