RFT EF86 / 6267 Preamp Vacuum Tube

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RFT is a German brand. The RFT EF86 preamp tube is a durable tube with very low microphonics. It's a fantastic tube for Dr. Z, Matchless, Vox, and similar amps. They are slightly darker sounding than many other EF86 vacuum tubes.

Logos may vary from tube pictured, but construction is the same.  Our current stock has no labels at all. Common alternative logos/brands are: Funkwerk, RWN Neuhaus, Tesla, and Tungsram.

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RFT EF86 / 6267 | WooHoo!!

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I have a Shaw FT-30 which has separate EF86 & 12AX7 preamps. I've never been happy with the EF86 side mainly because of the noisy & short life span characteristics. It came new with a JJ's EF86, died fairly quick, never sounded great. For grins I tried a NOS Mullard which sounded very nice but died quicker than the JJ's, so it definitely wasn't worth the extra $$ to have good tone for a short time. Enter the RFT-EF86. The specs made it worth giving it a try. So yeah, new tube, but WOW!! Beautiful tone! Now it does have that thick British top end, but I was blown away with how single coil pickups come alive with this tube. VERY articulate. And very quiet, especially for an EF86. So I just turned right around & ordered a couple more. Hopefully it'll last awhile. I'm set!

Sounds absolutely fantastic in my Artisan 30


I bought this to give the EF86 channel on my Artisan 30 some more body and warmth compared to the stock Electro Harmonix, and I am very happy with the results. This tube brings me home in terms of the amps sonic abilities. Exactly what I was looking for.

These things are subjective, but this tube brought my amp to life (I did also replace the stock Sovtek EL84's with Tungsrams). The channel now sounds fuller and deeper, without losing anything in the highs. It's still shimmery and brilliant in the top. Very clear and detailed.

Not "magical"


Is it a good functioning tube? Yes. Is it noisy and microphonic? (like many ef86's) yes. Tried it in my Dr.Z, in my Matchless clone and my Badcat. still as noisy/pingy as the Generic EH tube i replaced. I have an old Amperex tube that sounds great and is the quietest ef86 i have ever used, was hoping this would be as good. sadly it is not. Works fine, sounds ok, but not worth the increased cost. Also have a winged C tube that performs better for almost half the cost (still a little noisy though)