RFT ECC81 / 12AT7 Preamp Vacuum Tube

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Logos may vary from tube pictured, some are branded with various RFT logos, and some Tungsram, but construction is the same.

Like all NOS (New Old Stock) RFT preamp tubes, the NOS RFT ECC81 / 12AT7 is a low noise and low microphonic vacuum tube. It sounds great and is especially good for guitar amps because of its rugged construction. These RFT ECC81 tubes were made in Germany during the 1970's and '80's.

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Perhaps the best value on this site!

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This is an unbelievably good tube and an outstanding value. I am using it in an Ampsandsound Biggen Ben, which is designed for 5751/12AX7 and likes a hot front end. I didn't like that I had to run the volume high at first, but a 2:1 SUT in front of the amp solved that. Now it is perhaps my favorite pre-amp tube. All of the benefits of better dynamic range and reduced noise with none of the drawbacks. I prefer it over the Telefunken 12AT7. Just better tone overall.

Favorite Reverb Tube


From time to time I purchase different tubes from The Tube store, so I can experiment with different brands in different locations in my Fender amps. This tube in the Reverb section is exceptional in all 3 of my Fenders, 1967 Super Reverb, 94Twin Amp and a 74 silver face Twin Reverb. In all cases the sound of the reverb improved very noticeably as compared to other quality 12AT7’s. Much more Surfy!!

Lovely 12at7


This is a beautifully constructed tube! Fit and finish are amongst the best I've seen. Clear tone with a "golden" voice. Every bit as good as the RFT 12ax7's but much more affordable. Stock up while you can!

Clean your amp up


These tubes are very transparent and clear.
If you have a dark amp they will brighten it up and make each note you play more articulate. I have two preamp tube stages in my amp. With a Mullard 12ax7 in V1 it sounds dark and muddy, but with the RFT 12at7 in V1, it sounds really clear and transparent. I have the Mullard 12ax7 in V2 to bring warmth back in and now the amp sounds fantastic. I would not use solely the RFT's in an amp because the amp would become too cold and brittle, but adding one to clean up the mids and bass really does the trick.



I used two of these as power tubes in a Marshall 50th Anniversary JMP1C and it smoked the factory tube. Sounds crunchy, woody and clear.