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The Philips SQ E88CC (Special Quality 6922) tube is an incredible vintage NOS tube. Made in Heerlen Holland in the late 1960's, these tubes are labeled "SQ" which indicates 10,000 hour life rating. They feature A-frame grids and gold pins. This tube is low noise making it suitable for nearly any preamp/phonostage application. Sound-wise, this tube is very musical with great extension. It's balanced from top to bottom, excellent soundstage dimension.

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This a fantastic sounding tube !

by -

85 hours into a tube rolling addiction with a Valhalla 2 Headphone amp connected to a Bifrost 2 /iMac using music software and EQ //Aq wire with Hd 650's Headphones and these tubes just opened up in a spectacular way , Its like listening to a new MP3/AAC/Flac library... These tubes are special with this combo . I am very pleased with these tubes , The sound was off for 70 hours and was getting a little worried , the previous Reflector tubes had taken only 40 hours before they started opening up .. With the SQ tubes , the sound stage and clarity of the instruments is simply amazing , This might my end game for tubes for a while , I really can't see the sound getting any better....

Rode NTK users, this is the tube for you!

by -

On the suggestion of the staff, I purchased this tube for my Rode NTK mic. Now even though the mic itself is almost 20 years old, I knew that there would be a difference with the stock tube and the Philips. I didn't realize how jaw dropping my experience was going to be. Not only was there a HUGE drop in the noise floor, the upper frequencies were clear and not harsh and there seemed to be a much better lower frequency response with the Philips. The Rode is my most used microphone and thus I thought deserved the investment. If your NTK is one of your main go-to microphones and you will never get rid of it, consider this vintage Holland made tube. I cannot wait to begin tracking with this mic for my next record. You will not regret getting this tube!

This Tube is the Last Link to an Extraordinary Listening Experience

by -

These tubes are true NOS tubes exactly as described looking and sounding brand new, including even the box. Absolutely noise-free and an extremely well-matched set they represent to perfect final touch to my Schiit Stack consisting of a Modius DAC (AK4493 chip), Lokius EQ, and Valhalla 2 pre-amp/headphone amp all connected by Silver Dragon Cables (Moon Audion) and Sennheiser HD560S headphones. This setup really exposes the strengths of the high-end NOS tubes such as the Phillips SQ's which add warm but crystal clear vocals and precision sound reproduction across the full spectrum that will enable you to find wonderful new elements of the music you thought you already knew well. With the addition of these tubes, these pieces came together to produce a listening experience normally associated with 10x higher investments.

Best 6922 I’ve used

by -

Best tube I’ve used in my conrad johnson preamp. Crystal clear from the top to the bottom of the frequency response. Tight bass. Excellent space between instruments. Vocals are right on. My preamp usually eats tubes, but the SQ has lasted for well over a year so far with no deterioration or hiss.

This tube works!


It a amazing tube in my Manley Chinook amp - Top notch :-)