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Northern Electric had a rich history of producing high quality audio products and vacuum tubes in Canada. We are now re-introducing this classic brand and bringing to you the highest quality tubes possible.

The Northern Electric 6SL7 audio tube is made with the highest quality materials. From the glass bottle to the gold plated pins, everything is designed to give you unsurpassed audio quality. The Northern Electric 6SL7 tube has large smooth box plates. The sound-stage is wide and accurate. This 6SL7 audio tube has low noise floor which helps provide fantastic clarity and detail.

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Dimensions: Seated Height 80mm (approx)

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Warranty Period: 6 months

All our tubes are guaranteed for 6 months from the date of purchase. (Any exceptions will be noted on that tube's Warranty tab)

If you receive a tube that does not perform to the manufacturer's specifications, please do the following:

- contact us to get a return authorization
- return it via regular mail within 180 days from when we shipped it, and we will provide an exchange or refund of the full purchase price of the tube.

Returns not related to warranty or defect will be considered at our discretion, and are subject to a 15% restocking fee.

We can not accept returns that don't have an authorization, are past 3 month, or are returned improperly.

These guidelines may be updated without notice.

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My Review


Lots of detail without any brightness and very musical and natural. I have always wanted to hear details, good left to right imaging, great front to back imaging and I got it in spades with these tubes.

It sounds so good already it is almost beyond my comprehension.

WOW just WOW !!!

by -

I run with TungSol , It is a very good tube...I upgraded for Northen Electric. WOW it as night and day compare to Tung Sol,

better slam, better sound stage, more air the low go deeeper.

it is a no brainer for HIFI, GO AHEAD!!

better than ALL of my nos tubes!

by -

Out of the 10 or so 6sn7 nos tubes I listen to / roll almost daily, this new production tube sounds better than all of them. I never expected this to sound half as good as it does. The imaging is pinpoint accurate but also retains a huge sound stage. The tone is perfect its never bloated sounding and never sibilant, its dynamic but smooth. The detail retrieval is also as perfect as i can imagine, better than all of the nos tubes i have heard.

Nice job Tube Store

by -

Quiet, even, warm, musical. Seems to be a good product. Brought my amp to life again.