Northern Electric 6SN7 Preamp Vacuum Tube

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The latest Northern Electric 6SN7 vacuum tube has a wide and accurate sound-stage. This 6SN7 preamp tube has low noise floor which helps provide fantastic clarity and detail. Low end is tight and detailed. The midrange is sweet and magical. The highs are airy and warm.

The Northern Electric 6SN7 vacuum tube is made with the highest quality materials. From the tapered glass bottle to the gold plated pins, everything is designed to give you unsurpassed audio quality. The Northern Electric 6SN7 preamp tube has black “T” shaped plates.

The Northern Electric 6SN7 tube is a fantastic upgrade for Cary SLP 98P / SLP 98L and SLP 05 preamps (requires socket-saver extension), Supratek, and Rogue preamps, and Willsenton R8 integrated amplifiers just to name a few. Note: The base is slightly larger in diameter than some other common 6SN7, measuring 1 5/16" (33.25mm).

Note: Schitt Audio products will require the use of a socket-saver.

Northern Electric had a rich history of producing high quality audio products and vacuum tubes in Canada. We have re-introduced this classic brand to bring to you the highest quality tubes possible.

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A Winner From The Tube Store

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Using in an Atma-sphere MP1 Mk. 3.3. This is a very good tube.
Replaced CV-181T and was not a backward step. Bass is notable full and tight, not flabby at all.
Description provided is right on. Soundstage is wide and placement of players is excellent. Female vocals are very good and each player on hard bop groups are where the engineer intended to place them.
Highly recommended. Jon’s advice always appreciated.

Extremely Impressed

by -

I will say right from the start that I am mightily impressed with these tubes! I own about 60 pairs of 6SN7 NOS tubes and the Northern Electric tubes are every bit as good as 90% of the NOS tubes I have, plus they are more quiet than NOS tubes. It is great to see a current production tube that can keep up with or even match an NOS tube for dynamics, and the "3D" sound that tubes give. Be it excellent dynamics, wonderfully tight bass or light and airy highs, the NE 6SN7 can deliver. Highly recommended in my book both as a performer and a value!

An NOS tube beater!


With the prices of NOS 6SN7 tubes going to the atmosphere and current production tubes from Russia trickling in to the USA, I am now always on the lookout for 6SN7 tubes to use in my preamp. I bought a pair of Northern Electric based on the information listed here at The Tube Store and kept my finger crossed! The tubes have arrived, are playing at this moment and I am most impressed. I would put the performance of the Northern Electric 6SN7 tubes up there with the best NOS tubes I have heard, and I have heard a lot of them! The NE 6SN7 is a full bodied tube with a glorious midrange. The treble ranges are light and airy and the bass is deep and tight. Instruments and musicians have air around them and all in all things sound well, pretty darn real and alive. To me, with current prices for other tubes and all, the Northern Electric is a bargain, and an excellent value!

Pleasantly Surprised


Bought a pair of the Northern Electric 6SN7 tubes here and two RCA 6SN7GT Black Plate from another vender and seem to like the Northern Electric more. Nothing wrong with the RCA’s, just decided to using these and keep the RCA’s a spares for now.