Mullard 12AX7 / ECC83

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This new production 12AX7 / ECC83 tube is New Sensor's reissue of the famous Mullard 12AX7.

From our review: "Microphonics is not an issue despite the larger that average plate structure. The transconductance on my sample was the same as two NOS samples I measured. Not really high gain at all, but a real good noise floor and a nice smooth tone that doesn’t encourage ear fatigue the way some preamps can be."

The Mullard name and trademark have been acquired by the New Sensor Corporation. This new production Mullard 12AX7 tube is manufactured at their Xpo-Pul factory (also known as Reflektor) in Saratov, Russia. New Sensor is an American corporation and since taking ownership of this factory has been steadily improving the quality of current production tubes.

One other note about the construction of these tubes is they have filaments that are almost completely encased in the plate structure. They often don't "light up" when working properly. This is not a problem, it's normal for the reissue Mullard 12AX7 / ECC83.

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Хорошая лампочка


Использовал в hi-fi в виде предусилительной лампы.Дает объемную сцену с хорошим разрешением,даже чувствуются зачатки атмосферы в подаче звука,мягкая,эмоциональна.Отлично подойдет для инструментала,вокала,легкого блюза.В роке бессмысленна.Отличная лампа
Used in hi-fi in the form of a pre-amplifier lamp. It gives a voluminous scene with good resolution, even the rudiments of the atmosphere are felt in the sound, soft, emotional. Excellent for instrumental, vocals, light blues. In rock, meaningless. Excellent lamp

Not a match for me. Meh.


Bright, harsh, loud.
It's so subjective.
I like a British sound. Not bright or boomy. Less JBL, more B&W.

My amps are Brits from Tube Technology
Genesis MK3"s
Speakers are B&W 802"s
Detailed and sophisticated sounds.
Heavy gauge silver wire

I don't know if it's the gain tubes or the drivers but I'm inclined to think it's both...

I removed the Ecc83 Mullards as they were absolutely incapable of pairing with my amps
They hurt my ears.

I Replaced them with old stock from my cache of tubes
It's better but not great.

The Drive tubes may or not have to come out as well,
but that's another story.


by -

2.5 stars, and I'm being generous.
But as we all know this is all subjective stuff.
What you like, I might not.

These perform ok but meh...
I think they sound thin and bright.
Minor gain with no depth.
I couldn't wait to replace them with my vintage ecc83 Siemens tubes.

Admittedly my system has high power requirements as the efficiency of my B&W 802 s3 is 90 dB/watt sensitivity

Improved tube amp performance


After nearly 10 years of use, I replaced the stock Electro Harmonix tubes in my Jolida JD1501 amplifier. Was immediately rewarded with much improved tones in both bass and mid's. As I enter the world of 'tube rolling' these will be my reference standard.



Great tubes for the money