JJ-ECC83 MG (Mid Gain) Preamp Vacuum Tube

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The JJ-ECC83MG (Mid Gain) is a new preamp tube from JJ which they say is a mid-gain version of the 12AX7 vacuum tube type. It has a little less gain than the JJ ECC83S tube but not as low gain as a 5751 tube. Overall well balanced tube with good detail.

From our review: " The JJECC83-MG tube is a fine sounding tube. I was unable to notice a loudness reduction compared to the standard JJ ECC83-S. The tonal characteristics were easier to hear. Compared to the ECC83S this tube sounds a little more eager to hit the midrange. I’m not sure how that will work in all audio applications, but in a guitar amp it’s great..."

The ECC83-MG is compatible with any 12AX7, ECC83, or 7025 tube type.

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JJ-ECC83 MG (Mid Gain) | Amp gain too high or fizzy? Try these!


Put a full set (all 5 preamp slots) of these JJ-ECC83MG-12AX7 in my Marshall JVM410h. This amp had too much fizzy gain in the drive channels, even after circuit mods. The ECC83MG gave a slight drop in gain, but a lot more clarity and note separation. Great mids, warm articulate bass, and smooth highs. Didn't change the tone of the amp much, just cleaned it up a bit and opened it up...still plenty of gain on tap! Highly recommend these to smooth out any high gain Marshall.

JJ-ECC83 MG (Mid Gain) | Almost what I wanted


I tried this JJ-ECC83MG-12AX7 tube through a Fender Blues Deluxe RI amp (same clean channel as Hot Rod Deluxe) in V1, V2 and V3. It has a nice firm, but not flubby bottom end (good low mids). Upper mids were just ok. Treble-wise this tube is dark for a sparkly kind of amp. That does mean it won't be fizzy in a high gain amp, so I think this would do really well in a Marshall, Orange, or 5150/6505 kind of amp.

I wanted to like it so bad. For a Fender amp I highly recommend the JJ 5751s, they work way better for a nice full frequency response.

Final take, this could be really good for a high gain amp. Give it a try. For my amp it was so close but just a little too dark.

JJ-ECC83 MG (Mid Gain) | Great for guitar amps - nice extra mids!


Fantastic tube, especially if you want a little extra mids. I put this JJ-ECC83MG-12AX7 in my Fender style amp while shooting out a dozen others in the V1 position. Instantly my favorite and stood out above 3 or 4 others well known tubes that were all ver close to each other. With my very balanced PRS, this tube gave me a little more warmth while still being clear, balanced, and punchy. Awesome harmonics as well as low noise, etc. If you don't wan't extra mids, look elsewhere.

JJ-ECC83 MG (Mid Gain) | POLAND


Good JJ-ECC83MG-12AX7 vacuum tube. Juicy sound, and little more middle tone, high gain. Sound like Mesa boogie mod vintage. Good tube.

Good tube!


Been tube rolling in a '58 Champ clone that I built. Lucky for me, I've found that this tube and the JJ ECC83S are the best sounding tubes for this little amp and they are also the least expensive tubes in the AX7 lineup. The mid gain version seems to sound a little better than the ECC83S with just a little more bloom in the mids. In fact, in that amplifier, it sounds identical to the JAN Phillips 5751 which costs 5 times as much.