JJ-ECC83 MG (Mid Gain)

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The JJ-ECC83MG (Mid Gain) is a new tube from JJ which they say is a mid-gain version of the 12AX7 tube type. It has a little less gain than the JJ ECC83S tube but not as low gain as a 5751 tube. Overall well balanced tube with good detail.

From our review: " The JJECC83-MG tube is a fine sounding tube. I was unable to notice a loudness reduction compared to the standard JJ ECC83-S. The tonal characteristics were easier to hear. Compared to the ECC83S this tube sounds a little more eager to hit the midrange. I’m not sure how that will work in all audio applications, but in a guitar amp it’s great..."

The ECC83-MG is compatible with any 12AX7, ECC83, or 7025 tube type.

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HOT ROD DELUXE (Jensen C-12N, Bias 68 Mv)


Just received & tested today. Has a slightly-noticeable lower gain, yet 'feels' like the presence & highs/mids are sweeter & bass is fatter (EQ settings remained exactly as before with brand-new JJ-ECC83s installed in V1&V2 and Mullard 12AT7 in V-3, including Winged Cs in V4&V5). Before recent period of JJ trials, I was a die-hard Mullard preamp tube fella...I must say that JJs have a smoother overall tone to my ears and much cleaner bass. Guitars tested: Gibson ES-137 Custom, Gibson ES-335 1963 Block-Reissue, Fender Tele MIM & Dean 12-String Boca. The new MG tube loves humbuckers, and Tele single coils enjoy a more articulate bass without hum-drum thump accompaniment of other tubes I have tried. As the volume is raised, the MG retains its soundstaging qualities. An added benefit of the lower gain is that HRD audio taper feels more controllable. I like this tube and will soon grab a few more as $12.95 is a very nice price. Will roll this tube in V1 & V3 of Blues Jr NOS Tweed with Jensen C12K & multiple billm mods. Have a great feeling about this tube's future and performance! Hope this review helps.

Rogue Atlas Magnum tube rolling


I've been tube rolling in my Rogue Atlas magnum power amp. Lower gain tubes in the 12AX7 location have yielded more detail in the sound. Thought I'd give this tube a try. While the voices are clear and the strings detailed, the tube leaves me a bit cold in the lower registers where it makes the amp sound colder. It could very well be a good tube if you want less bass, but it is not a good match for my amplifier. So I will give it 2.5 stars as a passing grade, but I would not recommend this tube for use in Rogue equipment.

Good tube!


Been tube rolling in a '58 Champ clone that I built. Lucky for me, I've found that this tube and the JJ ECC83S are the best sounding tubes for this little amp and they are also the least expensive tubes in the AX7 lineup. The mid gain version seems to sound a little better than the ECC83S with just a little more bloom in the mids. In fact, in that amplifier, it sounds identical to the JAN Phillips 5751 which costs 5 times as much.



Good tube. Juicy sound, and little more middle tone, high gain. Sound like Mesa boogie mod vintage. Good tube.

Great for guitar amps - nice extra mids!


Fantastic tube, especially if you want a little extra mids. I put this in my Fender style amp while shooting out a dozen others in the V1 position. Instantly my favorite and stood out above 3 or 4 others well known tubes that were all ver close to each other. With my very balanced PRS, this tube gave me a little more warmth while still being clear, balanced, and punchy. Awesome harmonics as well as low noise, etc. If you don't wan't extra mids, look elsewhere.