JJ ECC803-S / 12AX7 Gold Preamp Vacuum Tube

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The JJ ECC803S gold pin tube replaces all 12AX7 Preamp Tube Types. The JJ ECC803S vacuum tube has wide and deep soundstage. Overall the sound is open and balanced from top to bottom, with a good deep bass. A customer reported that the JJ ECC803-S tube is very warm and rich with a golden glow in voices.

The ECC803 tube type is equivalent to the North American 12AX7 tube and can be used in any 12AX7 or ECC83 circuit.

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JJ ECC803-S / 12AX7 Gold | My favourite tube !


Used the JJ-ECC803S-G in a swr Marcus Miller preamp
PRO bass 500
Presonus studio pre
For bass guitar
It’s a very balanced tube I find it very brilliant with out being glassy and brittle

The mids speak and jump out very much! But in a good way
It has a very vocal like presence that’s not boxy and lows are very 3D or ? You can say It has a lot of detail and depth

I had a Messa boogie gold pin version and it was distorting on my input gain way to early almost ?
But when I put this in. It was night and day difference and woke up the pro bass 500

JJ ECC803-S / 12AX7 Gold | Best 12AX7 I’ve tried


I own a McIntosh MC240 vintage tube amp from the sixties and among the 15 12AX7 tubes I own, this JJ-ECC803S-G is the best one by a wide margin. I also own Mullards, NOS Telefunken, Matsushita, Philips, RCA, etc. This JJ ECC803-S provides the best resolution of them all. For voices and mid high frequencies, this tube provides the most intelligible information revealed. A revelation for me.

JJ ECC803-S / 12AX7 Gold | This is a great preamp tube for the buck!


I ordered 3 different pairs of 12AX7s and compared them back to back on my vtl 7.5 preamp. All i can say is this tube has the vocal balance and clarity. Bass isn't as overpowering as the Tungsol gold. Take this as a grain of salt as I still believe in system matching (there will be light footed systems that may prefer the Tungsols). Character of this JJ-ECC803S-G tube is open with clear vocals, balanced highs and low frequencies. Winner at this price point!

JJ ECC803-S / 12AX7 Gold | Made my Interference Go Away


Had a radio interference issue with a new custom reverb tank I bought, and I read somewhere that AX7s can be noisy. So swapped this JJ-ECC803S-G one in vs the JJ ECC83S and interference went away. Couldn't be happier.

JJ ECC803-S / 12AX7 Gold | Sweet and smooth long plate tube

by -

The JJ-ECC803S-G series always sound smoother than the regular ones.
They are improved versions and sound better overall imo
Less noise, less harsh....
But not recommended in cathodes followers (only 100 v)

Thanks for the very quick shipping and awesome customer service.