JJ ECC803-S / 12AX7 Gold Preamp Vacuum Tube

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The JJ ECC803S gold pin tube replaces all 12AX7 Tube Types. The JJ ECC803S tube has wide and deep soundstage. Overall the sound is open and balanced from top to bottom, with a good deep bass. A customer reported that the JJ ECC803-S tube is very warm and rich with a golden glow in voices.

The ECC803 tube type is equivalent to the North American 12AX7 tube and can be used in any 12AX7 or ECC83 circuit.

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Great tubes


First tube amp ever (6505) and the v1 preamp tube blew out so I got one of these for a replacement and wow going from the ecc83 to the ECC803s has a night and day tone difference. The low end is tighter and it has great mids and highs. Definitely recommend for a metal guy upgrade for preamp tube

Smooth Top, Present Midrange, Full


I needed to update the Tubes in my SPL Tube Vitalizer. So I got in touch with SPL. André recommended this JJ ECC803-S for a high end tube compatible with the Vitalizer circuit. Much, much better than the Sovtek 12AX7LPS stock tubes. Smooth, full and creamy! I was going to spend the money on NOS tubes, but I'm glad I didn't because these JJs are fantastic!

Taming a little giant.


When an old producer friend said he'd heard my new music and wanted to record and sell it online, he offered to buy me a new tube amp. Yeah, wow! He recommended a Carvin V3M. It looked great on paper and I didn't think I should be too picky so I said okay. But I needed a warm, 70's classic rock mid-gain sound and the V3M sounded like someone had stuffed a Boogie Dual Recto into a little box and it wasn't happy in there. I needed to tame the gain and darken the tone a LOT! All the tubes and info I needed were here at TheTubeStore.com. I laid out my tubes in order of gain and purpose and crossed my fingers, hoping in particular that the JJ-ECC803S sounded as Marc from Montreal described. The JJ 5751 at the front end dropped the gain and darkened the tone and the ECC803S warmed the amp right up. Thanks Marc!

Shall give a try ...


This JJ ECC83 tube is by far the best I ever put in my amp! A must in every Vox AC. However it is not a high gain screamer, but instead they have that wonderful thick rich gain, guttural, and articulate output. In my opinion, you should not use them in all of your preamp positions. V1 and PI , but for the rest, better mix them with the Preferred Series 12ax7 or the standard pins JJ ECC803S (brigther top end), too much output and bottom end can lead to muddiness.

Very smooth 12AX7


This is a very nice pre amp tube too. I found I preferred the non gold version just a little bit more, as this gold tube tends to slightly subdue the treble, but in a very small way, when compared with the non gold version. All in all, a very smooth and great sounding tube. If your system is overly bright / brittle in the treble, then this might tame it down a bit.