JAN-Philips 12AT7WC Preamp Vacuum Tube

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The JAN Philips 12AT7-WC / ECC81 preamp tube is a high quality military pre-amp tube that is preferred for guitar amps and high end audio. The JAN Philips 12AT7WC is durable, reliable and provides great bang for the buck value.

The 12AT7 tube type is equivalent to the European ECC81 vacuum tube and can be used in any 12AT7 or ECC81 circuit.

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JAN-Philips 12AT7WC | Fender Deville 410

by -

I recently found a deal on a Fender Deville. Got it home and tried it out. I liked the amp but it was breaking up at 2 on the volume. After speaking with Jon at The Tube Store, and after some youtube research I decided to grab one of these PH-12AT7WC vacuum tubes and toss it in the V1 position along with the two other 12ax7's in the V2 and V3 position. I really love how it impacted the headroom on the clean channel and now break up is occurring closer to 5.5 or 6. For me, it makes the amp a bit more useable especially since I'm mostly a basement guitarist. Im very happy now with the glassy cleans at the volume I can get it at on this new to me amp! - Brandon

JAN-Philips 12AT7WC | Test reference

by -

Bought this PH-12AT7WC tube as a test reference.. After proper burn-in tested the tube on my Hickok 600A Nice balance on both triode (Tc-3700/ Tc-3800) In my Mesa Boogie Mk-III red stripe the clean tone is smooth & very velvety ! I Highly recommend it !

Nice sounding tube


These sound great in the Cathode Follower position of my Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister 36. I originally bought them for the effects loop position of my Orange TH30, but although they sounded really good, they had a bit higher noise floor (hum) in that amp. Overall a nice tube.

Make her sing, Willie!

by -

Bought this 12AT7WC for the V1 position in a MONOPRICE 15W 112. Put it in after recording a cut with the original 12AX7 JJ. Didn't notice any marked change. I played the guitar for about 15 minutes, trying different settings, and didn't hear a lot. The next day I turned on the amp and noticed a couple of numbers more headroom with breakup from 3-5! Great! I played for about a half an hour, and began to notice more and more clean headroom, with a very gradual breakup across almost the complete 3-7 gain. At 8-10, It sings from sweet to aggressive. I used a Guild with humbucker PU's, which has a push/pull volume knob that allows split coils. Gives a crispness of the single coils sound, and a mellow to aggressive sound as a humbucker, that's soft spoke, or a scream in a silky tone I love. (i.e. the lead tone on "American Woman".) The JAN-PHILIPS 12AT7WC is great with this amp, and it's simple to change it back to the quick breakup and snappy pick attack of the 12AX7.

Loving those


Great tube, recommended for everyone. Put two of those in my DRRI and I am satisfied