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The JAN Philips 12AT7-WC / ECC81 tube is a high quality military pre-amp tube that is preferred for guitar amps and high end audio. The JAN Philips 12AT7WC is durable, reliable and provides great bang for the buck value.

The 12AT7 tube type is equivalent to the European ECC81 tube and can be used in any 12AT7 or ECC81 circuit.

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Great Fender Phase Inverter tube


This tube give a sound with greater dimension more that any other tube I've tried in the V6 position.



A great, clean sounding tube. I put one of these in the PI position of my orange or15 head and it sounds fantastic!



I had JJs in the pre amp section and replaced with these guys. Wow what a difference! Total softening of tone. These run with two 12au7 which were also replaced with the JAN-Philips 5814 what a team together. More and better sound than the JJs. NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!



I brought 2 of these at first for my reissue fender SR, and had the triodes matched. I read that having them match in the phase inverter makes a big difference. THEY WEREN'T LYING. The reverb sounds so much better and the amp feels more powerful, like I'm not fighting to find a good tone. Its working for me. I also put the preferred series 7025/12ax7s in v1 v2 v4 v5 and tungsol 7581As for my power tubes. To cap it off i put a Mullard GZ34/5AR4 in and it sounds incredible. Sounds just like my 64 super reverb with more clean headroom. For this price you can't beat it. I bought them in bulk and put them in all my combo amps. Thanks again to tubestore.com you guys are the best !!!

QUIET ! in my 68 Custom Deluxe Reverb


The 68 Custom Deluxe reverb has many virtues BUT the negative feedback resistor is 1.5 - making it more touch sensitive but also noisy. The Reverb for the Custom also sends a lot of white noise. I use these in V3 and V6 and WOW the reverb sounds better and is quieter.. Use a 12at7 to Cleanup V1 in that Custom as well.