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The JAN-GE 5670W tube is a military grade GE tube making it a fantastic upgrade for many Chinese amps using 6N3 tubes. Construction details include black plates with a top halo "O" getter ring.

The JAN-GE 5670W vacuum tube is a well-regarded tube that has gained popularity among audiophiles and music lovers alike. Overall, it is a high-quality vacuum tube that delivers excellent performance in a variety of applications.

One of the most notable features of the JAN-GE 5670W is its durability. This tube is designed to withstand high levels of vibration and shock, making it a popular choice for use in military and industrial applications. It is also known for its reliability, and many users have reported using this tube for years without any issues.

In terms of sound quality, the JAN-GE 5670W is highly regarded by many enthusiasts. It has a warm, smooth sound that is well-suited to a wide range of music genres. It delivers excellent midrange and high-end detail, with a tight, punchy bass response. Some users have reported that it produces a slightly more relaxed sound than other tubes, making it a good choice for extended listening sessions.

The tube is also a substitute for the Chinese 6N3 tube found in several Chinese hifi amplifiers and headphone amps. The Russian version is called 6N3P (Russian: 6Н3П). The 5670 tube will also replace WE-396A.

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JAN GE 5670W / 2C51 | Raised to audio quality way up on a low cost Monoprice Pure Tube

by -

I put three of these GE-5670 tubes in the pre amp on the Monoprice Pure Tube amp. Wow what a difference. The sound is richer and warmer.

I wish I did this years ago!

JAN GE 5670W / 2C51 | Helpful site, Fast shipping, High quality products <-- thetubestore.com

by -

Replaced stock tubes that came in my Monoprice Pure Tube Stereo Amplifier with these JAN GE-5670 tubes.

I was initially disappointed with the sound coming from the stock amplifier. Persistent squeals and phaser sounds, and I was thinking that having a tube amp was only something "romantic", and not something that added quality to the music.

After reading that using good tubes might have an impact, I went for these.

WOW. What fun! These tubes are SILENT! And yeah, they provide a richness to the sound that I don't hear with my solid state Onkyo.

Thank You The Tube Store! Your "Shop by Amp" guide is fantastic! These are great tubes!

JAN GE 5670W / 2C51 | Excelente tubos para reemplazar los tubos chinos


Instalé estos tubos en un Preamp FX Audio Tube 06 6N3 y son excelentes tubos, sonido muy limpio y claro. Reemplacé unos tubos chinos que el equipo trae de fábrica, aunque tampoco sonaban muy mal, pero la realidad es que estos son de mejor calidad y audio.

jan 5670


I put these into my little bear pre amp 8. Great tube. A lot shorter than original tubes. To the other person with the same amp, use tube-saver sockets to bring them up to the correct height. Good luck if you read this.



Replaced the 6N3 tubes in the Little Bear P-8 headphone amp with these. Also replaced the 6AS7-G tube with a CRC/JAN RCA tube. Interesting note, both the 5670 and 6AS7G tubes were considerable smaller in size. With a total investment of $200 I have an absolute killer amplifier. Shop smart. Shop S-Mart. The sound is detailed like sparks from mesquite chunk charcoal.