JAN-GE 12AX7WA Preamp Vacuum Tube

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The JAN-GE 12AX7WA vacuum tube is a prized vintage tube for both guitar and home audio amplifiers. The JAN-GE 12AX7-WA preamp tube is warm and musical. It is a balanced and smooth sounding tube, making it a great choice for blues, jazz, and classic rock. For Fender tube amps, the JAN-GE 12AX7WA is a top pick.

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JAN-GE 12AX7WA | Fantastic tubes

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Running these GE-12AX7-JAN vacuum tubes in a Rogue Audio Stereo 100 and they have made an outstanding amp even better. Lows have grunt and mids and highs are everything I could ask for. Pricier than the reissue stuff, but well worth it. Amp is whisper quiet as well. Bought these solely off the tube store recommendation and they do not disappoint. Thanks!

JAN-GE 12AX7WA | Don’t bother


Background noise on this tube is totally unacceptable. I’m sending it back.

JAN-GE 12AX7WA | JD301BRC Integrated Amp greatly improved


Replaced JD301BRC stock Tung Sol 12AX7 tubes with a matched pair of these GE-12AX7-JAN and whoa! Big difference. I listen near field in the office at low volume with Tidal and a Bluesound Node2i. Sound stage, imaging and clarity greatly improved. Definitely recommend.

JAN-GE 12AX7WA | Groovy Tube


Put two of these GE-12AX7-JAN in my 74 Marshall super lead with a late 60s Phillip's made in Holland in the P.I. and it is unreal sounding . Very vintage tone.

JAN-GE 12AX7WA | Great tube!


I purchased this GE-12AX7-JAN tube a while back for my Audiomat Opera and compared to a Tung Sol NOS and a Mullard NOS both from the late 60s and this tube sounded the best in my amp with more air around the instruments and more musical.