Genalex - Gold Lion KT88 Power Vacuum Tube (Matched)

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Need matched power tubes? Don't worry! Price includes matching in any quantity you need for no extra charge. Need a matched pair? Just order "2" tubes. For a matched quad order "4" tubes. Matched sextets and octets are available as well.

The Gold Lion KT88 vacuum power tube delivers a smooth, big, and tight sound. Its clarity and tonal balance make it a favorite among musicians and audiophiles. Carbonized screen grids and gold-plated grid wire contribute to its exceptional performance. With this KT88 vacuum tube you can expect a full warm midrange, extended highs, and powerful lows.

In 1957 Marconi-Osram Valve Co. (Genalex) introduced the "King of Power Tubes", the legendary Gold Lion KT88. This tube became the heart and soul of such classics as the Dynaco Mark III, McIntosh MC275, and Marshall Major. Unfortunately, Genalex ceased tube production in the early 1980s and the Genalex Gold Lion KT88 has become very expensive and hard to find. After extensive research and engineering, New Sensor Corp. has reissued the famed Genalex Gold Lion KT88. This tube has been recreated down to the finest detail with gold plated grid wire, carbonized screen grids, and a tri-alloy clad plate structure for exceptional performance and sound quality.

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10 reviews

Genalex - Gold Lion KT88 | More of everything good


First experience tube rolling on my Muzishare X7. Was down to the GL-KT88 or Preferred Series. Being that the amp has stock Chinese tubes, decided on the Russian GLs. After dropping them in, giving them some warmup time and checking the bias, threw my early UK pressing of Rumours on the turntable (cartridge is a Goldring 1042, speakers Totem Staaf with Kin subwoofer, dialed in lightly to deliver the lower octave) “Dreams” is a reference track for me and I feel like I’ve heard it at its best. Was delighted at what I was hearing. McVie’s P-bass was bigger than I’d heard in my system, more present and textured, but still tight. The soundstage was brilliant and Stevie’s voice was right between the eyes and not sibilant. I really felt the Totems were just loving what they were getting from the amp. Very happy with these tubes so far and expecting nothing but good things as they settle in.

Genalex - Gold Lion KT88 | Better than stock MC275 Tubes, but did not last that long


After reading a number of positive reviews on this GL-KT88 tube, I replaced the stock power tubes in my McIntosh MC275 V6 with these Gold Lions. I purchased the McIntosh MC275 Premium Package from this site.

After breaking them in, I was pleased with the results. The most noticeable improvement was the bottom end, it was quicker with more energy and slam. I also found the mid-range benefitted from a wider and more detailed sound stage.

It was good while it lasted. After a year of use, one of the tubes flashed and the protection circuit of the MC275 flagged the tube as faulty. Rather than buy a new set of Gold Lions, I reinstalled the McIntosh factory tubes and they have been working fine and going strong for over a year. When the time comes to buy new KT88s, I will look for another brand.

That said, the Gold Lion ECC83 / B759 and ECC81 / B739 tubes that came with the MC275 Premium Package are still going strong and sound great. I can definitely recommend them.

Genalex - Gold Lion KT88 | Wonderful across the board

by -

Excellent GL-KT88 tube across the sound range bass superb mid clean and articulate highs smooth and extended great with quicksilver new 60 watt monoblocks a perfect tube choice

Genalex - Gold Lion KT88 | stunning clarity


Replaced the original KT88s in my Prima Luna Prologue 5 power amp with a set of these GL-KT88 tubes recently. HUGE improvement. Extraordinary detail. Stunning bass. Very deep. Using Martin Logan 35's. Vincent hybrid pre amp. CDs with Schiit multibit DAC. Tubes need a 72 hour burn in. I do not think it can get any better in a KT88! Very cordial and informed staff at The Tube Store.

Genalex - Gold Lion KT88 | Reliability is an issue with these!


Using these GL-KT88 in a VTA ST-120.
Had one tube fail right at 90 days.
Came here and bought replacements.
6 months later, another one red plating again.
Tubes going into meltdown scare the daylights out of me, I don't want a house fire!
I'm done with KT88's.