Genalex - Gold Lion ECC82 / B749

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The original Genalex Gold Lion ECC82 / B749 / 12AU7 is one of the most rare 12AU7 Tube Types ever made. This tube featured superb linearity and extremely low noise. The reissue Genalex Gold Lion ECC82 / B749 / 12AU7 tube features gold plated pins and has been carefully engineered to recreate all of the attributes of the original. This tube is a premium replacement for all 12AU7, ECC82, 5814, and 6189 tube types. 

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A giant step in the right direction


A small step forward in the tube domain is a giant step. So with that said, I was wanting to add some spice to a pair of Klark Teknik eqs to get them a little closer to my pultec EQP-1A. The stock tubes in the Klark were actually quite good (I was surprised), but the Gold Lions added extended lows that were a bit tighter, a more balanced mid section, and a little more air on top. The result was bigger, warmer, clearer sound...not by a lot, but a little goes a long way. Glad there is an alternative to the ridiculously priced NOS tubes.

Better then or at least as good as the telefunken NOS

by -

Was strictly nos telefunken when choosing the 12au7...not any more I bought 6 of these they are unbelievable

Unexpected sonic improvement

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The tubes arrived today and so being curious I installed them into my Prima Luna Dialogue Premium Integrated. I’ve never upgraded signal tubes before; was not expecting a lot of sonic difference. I’m pretty surprised now after 4 hours how much music I was missing before. Don’t get me wrong, the stock PL tubes get the job done. These are quite a bit more forward, resolved and have great stereo imaging. So far so good. I was on the fence to spend hideous money on Cifte, but talking to the Tubestore helped me out. Overall a much needed upgrade. Very happy !

Decent current production tube


Compared those with various NOS tubes (Philips, Mullard, Brimar) and current production TUNG-SOL 6189 in my phonostage. In my setup these sounded bright and with quite light bass. Soundstage is big and it provides a lot of details, which does not compensate however the lack of sound balance. I also have the GL ECC83 which have similar sound signature. From current production tubes preferred the TUNG_SOLs which provide better bass extension and seem to be more colorful overall.

Very Impressed w/ the Sound!

by -

I bought these for an xDuoo TA-20 headphone amplifier and these tubes have made it hands down my favorite amp out of multiples, including my beloved THX 789!!

Musical, lots of bass, amazingly subtle distortion that takes the sharp edge out of a lot of harsher albums I'm trying to get into (mostly speed/black/symphonic metal stuff) and makes mellower albums sound so wonderfully retro in the best way possible.

I'm here on this site right now to buy some backup Lions just in case....