Fender Blues Deluxe - Premium Package

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Tube upgrade package includes

This is a premium retube set for the Fender Blues Deluxe tube amp. These vacuum tubes provide excellent tone at a reasonable price and the most popular combination recommended by customer feedback.

We’ve been supplying tubes for over 20 years. Use our extensive knowledge, experience and customer feedback to select re-tube packages that will work great in your tube amp.

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Bias Type: Adjustable Bias


Fender Blues Deluxe Schematic

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Warranty may vary for tubes in this package. See included tubes webpages for specific warranty details.

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Took my Fender BDRI to a new sonic universe


First order of business. I am not an expert or a professional musician, I am just a person who enjoys playing guitar and love getting a mouth-watering face when a great tone kicks in. My FBDRI went through a heavy modifying process after getting the Frommel mod, I swapped original speakers for a Cannabis Rex (aimed to tame harsh trebly side of stock ones) but still wasn't getting THE tone I was expecting. My first option was to forget about it and get a deluxe reverb but then I thought: hey, why not give it a try and re tube the whole thing? That's waaaaay cheaper than busking the bank for a new amp. So I ordered the premium kit from thetubestore and was rather skeptical how much tone improvement there would be. Today I replaced them and got the amp rebiased and FINALLY I can say: OMFGoodness! Now, this is tone realm!!! These tubes did the trick, I can rest in peace now, this is all I ever wanted, I can't be too specific because I AM NOT a pro nor an expert, so I would be an idiot to get too technical about it but the only word that comes to my mind is that now this amp has got a whole new level of sonic tone dimension. I guess I could say it gained clarity, bass is punchier, treble is controllable, it sounds like those super expensive boutique amps. I totally recommend these set of tubes to anyone looking for a real upgrade to their BDRI. In the future I hope I can order these again. Thank you very much TTS!