Electro-Harmonix 6SN7 Gold Preamp Vacuum Tube

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The Gold 6SN7EH vacuum tube features gold plated pins for superior contact.

From EH: "High quality 6SN7 preamp tubes have virtually disappeared... until now. The 6SN7EH tube is a beautiful sounding tube, on par with RCA's red base 5692 tube. It maintains a linear response while being able to accept a full voltage. Vintage tube amp users and audiophiles will be thrilled to find that a superior quality, ultra low noise replacement 6SN7 tube finally exists." Other Electro-Harmonix tubes6SN7 Tube Types

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Electro-Harmonix 6SN7 Gold | Excellent Upgrade


I replaced the Tung-sol 6SN7GTB that came stock in my Black Ice Audio Fusion F360 Hybrid Preamp with a Electro- Harmonix 6SN7 Gold Pin. The Tung-Sol was very good, but the EH-6SN7G took the sonics to another level. Detailed-crisp highs without glare or etch, clear-naturally realistic midrange, and tight-punchy-snappy bass without boomy bloat. A reasonably priced tube with excellent sonics-performance. I have a highly resolving system and the improvements made using this tube are very evident. Highly recommended for music LISTENERS!! Construction and materials used are also top notch. Listener preference is subjective and system synergy is important, but IMHO, you can't go wrong. I've played mine 6-12 hours daily for 9 months with nothing but excellent results. No B.S. Mike

Electro-Harmonix 6SN7 Gold | Dynamic Sound


I'm using this EH-6SN7G tube in a Schiit Saga preamplifier. It required about 20 - 30 hours to burn in but once it did, the improvement in sound was very noticeable. Much more dynamic and forward sounding. Producing a textured, 3 dimensional sound that just keeps drawing you in. It's as though a blanket was removed from my speakers. Very impressed!

Electro-Harmonix 6SN7 Gold | Nice Tubes


I have the Cary Audio SLP-05 that came with standard Tun-Sol vacuum tubes. Replacing it with the EH-6SN7G Gold gave a very noticeable improvement.

Highs were clearer but not etched. The mids smoothen up a lot and was not so harsh.

These Electro-Harmonix Gold tubes are a safe bet for good sound.

Very Musical!


Right out of the box these tubes sound smooth. I've only been listening to these for about a week. Very impressive imaging and sound stage. Time will tell!



At first very dull but after two months brake in time love them, beautiful sounding tube