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Cryogenic Treatment for Tubes

You’ve probably seen other tube venders selling cryogenically treated vacuum tubes under brands such as Black Sable, Cryoset, Pearl and Kuhl-Tube.

We fully understand the uses of cryo treatments and none of this makes any sense to us in vacuum tubes. A tube is not just steel, it contains various alloys, cathode and anode coatings all contained in a sealed vacuumed glass container.

We’ve seen the marketing, understand the science, completed our own research and fully tested the cryo “treatment” of vacuum tubes. As such we do not retail this service to our customers. It would have been nice if this worked and was a way for us to generate more revenue but we love our customers too much to jump on this bandwagon.

We expand on this more fully in our blog here. We also republished a great article (Cryogenic Treatment of Tubes: An Engineer’s Perspective) written by Phil Taylor of Effectrode.

However for those of you who still wish to purchase cryogenically treated tubes, we found the folks at Wathen Audiophile are great to deal with and we recommend you speak with them.