Shuguang Electric WE-300B Power Vacuum Tube (Matched)

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Need matched power tubes? Don't worry! Price includes matching in any quantity you need for no extra charge. Need a matched pair? Just order "2" tubes. For a matched quad order "4" tubes. Matched sextets and octets are available as well.

The Shuguang WE 300B vacuum tube has exactly the same electronic and mechanical specification as the original Western Electric WE-300B power tube.

Audiophiles have been waiting years for the Western Electric company to produce more of their great 300B tubes. In the meantime every 300B produced by other manufacturers attempts to meet or surpass the sound of the famed WE-300B. Thankfully Shuguang has arrived with a close replica of the original. It is copied from the plate, micas, base, and bottle.

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Shuguang WE vs Genalex PX 300b


I have run these and the Genalex PX 300b and frankly IMO the Genalex is a better tube for less money. I'm not saying the WE is not a great tube but for significantly more money its not worth it IMO. The Genalex has better extension top and bottom quite a bit better actually and fare better detail. The only thing I really notice that the Shuguang WE may do a little better is midrange warmth and fullness. But in the end the Genalex has more extension and much better detail and still wonderful in the mids.
As I write this I'm ordering a second set of Genalex PX 300b's after one of my WE failed. Note the Shuguang WE's lasted many years so no issues with either tubes for longevity both in my experience long lasting tubes. My amps are on from 6 to 8 hours a day fyi.

Excellent tube!


On hand I have the Electro Harmonix, JJ’s, and the Black Treasures. I have also heard the Sophia Electric Royal Princess in my system. So this would round out a pretty fair comparison between a good bit of the currently available 300B offerings.
My system currently consists of a Bottlehead Beepre, which uses 300B tubes, feeding Western Electric 300B monoblock clones which power Tannoy Yorkminster Se loudspeakers. These monos barely cut it powerwise so for times when I am listening to classical I sub in a pair of 845 monoblocks. They give me more than enough, but for this comparison I stuck with the 4 300B’s in the chain as I thought I may have different impressions depending on whether the tubes in question were in the preamp or poweramps. All listening was done on a VPI TNT with an Audioquest 7000nsx cartridge feeding a Herron phonostage.
So to start with the WE replicas I put them in the Beepre taking out the Black Treasures. I figured the Black Treasures would be the most interesting comparison as they are the closest pricewise. I found the WE replicas to be a more refined tube with a slightly leaner character. I don’t mean lean as in hyper hi fi detailed which is all the rage these days, but they were not as warm as the Black Treasures. The Black Treasure can be a slightly romantic tube, sort of the stereotypical 300B sound. This can be a slight negative at times depending on system synergy. The WE felt more linear and refined while still hitting the highs and lows when they were present in the source material. They were slightly better at detangling complex passages without blurring everything together. My opinions did not change at all when I moved the tubes to the power amps. The preamp just was a little more obvious at showing a tubes character. I was also able to get the replica WE-300B quieter in the power amps with the humpots. The Black Treasure always gave more hum no matter how much I messed with the dials. To me this suggests better quality control but my sample size is obviously very small.
As always in this hobby the point of diminishing returns kicks in very early so only you can decide if the WE replica is worth the extra cake over the Black Treasures. They definitely do bring something more to the table.

Highly Recommended!


I have been using the Western Electric 300B tubes in my amplifiers for many years and quite familiar with their benefits. I have also tried most other 300B tubes that are available and found nothing that closely approaches the Western Electric’s. Upon first listen on theses Shuguang WE300B tubes I was immediately surprised at the clarity of their sound. The background was black like the Western Electric’s. Upon further listening it became clear that they have many more similarities to the Western Electric 300B’s. Instead of writing up a long comparison, it is, IMO that the new Shuguang WE300B’s are about 15% short of what the Western Electric sound is, which considering the cost and availability, is a audio bargain. Highly Recommended!