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The Chinese (Sino) made Shuguang 12AX7B tube is a good choice for high gain guitar amps. The 12AX7B tube has a little more overdrive than the standard 12AX7A tube and lower noise.

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6 reviews

Gainy, low microphonic, well built, but a bit noisy.


These look like they should be pretty kick a**. They are a gainy little 12AX7. They remind me of the Sylvania STR 12AX7, only the Sylvania is graveyard quiet. These were hissy little tubes. I got a whole boatload cheap. I thought maybe I got bad ones, but others are about the same. The noise is not guitar amp objectionable, until you are in the studio. Rating like with like, and not with NOS these are an oaky value. I have had noisy RCAs too, but not consistently. These just have some hiss. Nothing major like hum, or dirty pot scritchy scratchy noises. They have the usual kinda shortened life we come to expect for the price paid. GAINY LITTLE SUCKAS! These test hot too!

Hit or miss....


I've had over a dozen of these pass though my shop... as stock tubes or general replacement tubes. They are a bit noisy... but plenty loud. I have not gotten the best life out of them either.

They were stock in 2 Vox amps I have... and those sound nice and quiet... I try them all over the place because the are here... but they only work well some places.

I'd normally grab a JJ, Sovtek 12AX7LPS, TungSol, EH.... something more PREDICTABLE.



These were factory in an amplifier I bought second hand. The previous owner had played it into the ground... V1 was still good at 5 years old, the PI tube too. V2 was a bit hissy but I would suggest that for the price they lasted extremely well. I purchased the 12ax7a as a replacement and side by side I cannot pick a difference, honestly. Perhaps they are the same tube and the Bs are just selected for higher measurements. Anyway, they are punchy and loud. In v1 they are whisper quiet although in a chain a bit noiser than more expensive valves. The structures in the tube are a bit lopsided, one rattled out of the box and also the pins are quite soft, but they are so cheap and sound pleasant.

Best tube for death metal sound


Shuguang 12ax7B/V2 and JJ ecc83s/V1 dans un préamp Engl e530 et j’ai obtenu un son dévastateur et incisif avec une distorsion plein de détails subtils et du gain à revendre.
Merci beaucoup Jon un service impeccable !

Downside: pins are fragile so be careful

Ideal for someone, just not me.

by -

Sound all right, too much gain for my pre-amp/effects processor....just means it's more finicky and can't be opened up without the tone and clarity take a will serve ok as an emergency backup, but I definitely couldn't see running it long-term. Would be ideal for an application where high gain is desirable.