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The 6H6p tube is a Russian dual triode tube. This tube is often seen as 6N6p, 6N6PI, 6N6pi, 6H6П, 6N6p-i, 6N6n-i ,or 6H6n-i. The Chinese name for the 6H6p tube is 6N6 tube. The 6N6p is a fantastic tube for preamps and driver stages, and is even used as output tubes in the Little Dot MkIII headphone amp. It has been used by the tube DIY underground for many years and is now becoming better known in the mainstream.

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Novosibirsk 6H6pi | An amazing idea for John Broskies' Aikido OTL headphone amplifier


They sound fantastic, even used ones. Used these 6H6P as output tube behind a 6N1P on the input side.

The I version (cyrillic 'Pi' = i) has shorter lifespan with the same 6.3V heaters (impulse optimized tube used in military rocket control system) but sounds just as good as normal 6N6P-s when cathode emission is bought down to normal 6N6P-equivalent levels by setting the heater voltage to around 5.7V (datasheet actually allows 5.7V heater already).

Have fun, great tubes. (But I think the real treasure is the 6N1P) ;-)

Novosibirsk 6H6pi | May not be an upgrade for Schiit Valhalla 2


This is a preliminary review as I just received these tubes. If you are buying these for a Schiit Valhalla 2, I am convince these are the same tubes that come with the unit. Comparing the markings with the original tubes, there are some slight differences, so I am hope these may be a higher grade.

Novosibirsk 6H6pi | 6n6P is noticeably better then 6DJ8 and longer lasting


The 6n6p , is a better sounding tube, more linear then the pi version. These are very rugged and nice and detailed but still smooth sounding . You want gain matched as well as triode matched, transconductance the closer % the better.

Perfect for Schiit Valhalla 2


I just received these a couple of days ago after losing one of my power tubes in my Valhalla 2. These fit and work fantastic in my amp. I'm very pleased and will buy these again when needed.