Natural Sound 6SL7-T

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Just like the Shuguang Treasure 6SL7-Z tube, the Natural Sound 6SL7-T tube has sound qualities that rivals the best NOS vintage 6SL7 tubes. They feature gold grid wires and pins, and internally coated black glass bottle. This unique HPCC coating is known as High Polymer Carbon Compound glass coating and is unique for its ability to reduce stray electron emission that can otherwise reflect off the glass.

The Shuguang Natural Sound 6SL7T is a safe replacement in any 6SL7 circuit. Compared to other 6SL7 tubes, this tube has a much larger "ST" style bottle. The beautiful gold base is standard-sized.

Shuguang also uses their new "Super Alloy" technology. Originally applied to aviation, aerospace, and military applications, this technology has been successfully used by Shuguang to accomplish directional solidification and single crystallization. This greatly improves the ability of electron emission and electron current stability.

The Shuguang Natural Sound tubes require additional parts selection (Including thoriated tungsten filament imported from Japan, high-density carbon anode metal from Germany, high-purity high-density graphite, and gold plated pins). Manufacturing quality control processes, improved vacuum techniques and additional burn-in time and testing.

These Shuguang Natural Sound tubes are their premium export grade and purchased direct from Shuguang in China. Beware of sellers selling for drastically lower prices on Amazon, eBay, etc as they will not be the same export grade tubes.

These tubes are packaged in boxed sets of two (matched pair). You need to order "2" tubes to receive this boxed set. If you order "4" tubes we will send a Matched Quartet whenever possible.

If you need one tube select "Single - White Boxed". When this option is selected we will send an un-matched tube in the quantity ordered.

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