Natural Sound 211-T Power Vacuum Tube

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Please Note: These vacuum tubes are packaged in boxed sets of two (matched pair). You need to order "2" tubes to receive this boxed set. If "Single - White Boxed" option is selected we will send un-matched tubes in the quantity ordered.


Shuguang's Natural Sound Series was released in 2012. The Natural Sound tubes are comprised of the highest grade components and built by Shuguang's most experienced staff.


The Shuguang Natural Sound 211-T power tube features gold pins and a beautifully engraved gold/brass base.  The internal structure has been strengthened to improve durability.  As well, the enlarged bottle provides better heat dissipation.  Shuguang states the 211T power tube is comprised of the highest grade components and built by their most experienced staff.


A 211 vacuum tube is a directly heated power triode with a carbon anode capable of up to 30 watts in single ended operation. Originally intended as a transmitting tube, the 211 has long been a popular power triode for hifi audio. It is a replacement for VT4-C tube types.

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Sweet- Excellent Value


Compares favorably against my Psvane Acme 211.

VERY NICE! China's work with graphite plates is quite impressive!


I won't say these are better than the old GE's, but I will say, "These are different than GEs". They are not nearly as good as my 1942 RCAs, but those are, simply put, visually better constructed than the GE 211s. Better supports, better everything, but RCA's 211s are getting super scarce! These are great tubes for the price, and do you really want to arc a $3500 set of tubes? Me neither! I can almost voice to these tubes, well enough to compensate for the fact they are not RCAs, but only to a point. I do not judge tubes from the golden age of thermo-ionics against modern tubes, or no one would get more than 3 stars. You are not paying over $3000 for a matched pair, either! China has really stepped up it's game! 73s, KI7AQJ

Great tubes


My Cary 805AE can use either the 211 or 845. I prefer the 211 with the speakers I am using.

Other than the stock Shuguangs that came with the amp, I have used NOS GE VT4-C that were a nice improvement.

I bought a pair of these Natural Sounds about a month ago and am very happy with them. I'd put them up there in the same league with the GE's and at about half the cost. They were real nice right out of the box (surprise) and got better after the usual 10-20+ hours. May even get better yet.

Thank you "thetubestore" for offering and excellent choice to what's available out there.