Genalex - Gold Lion ECC83 (Standard) Preamp Vacuum Tube

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The Genalex / Gold Lion ECC83 /12AX7 vacuum tube (not gold pin version) is a lower cost alternative to the Genalex / Gold Lion B759 / ECC83 gold pins preamp tube.
This ECC83 / 12AX7 audio tube is made in China versus the premium version (B759) that is made in Russia. This preamp tube has a short plate format for reduced microphonics and has been put through a special selection process to ensure low noise and good balance of gain between the two triode sections. Get Genalex Gold Lion quality at almost half the cost.

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4 reviews

Genalex - Gold Lion ECC83 (Standard) | ?


I've tried to like these GL-ECC83, wanted to like them, would love to like them, but I don't. They have nice punch, but have a brittle brightness and stiffness I just can't get get comfy with. Maybe they need a very long burn-in time that I haven't the patience for, but otherwise, I don't understand the raves.



I'm not a fan of these. I tried them in my 18 watt TMB build and I thought they were bright and when pushed the overdrive was "rough" sounding. I liked the JJ's better I thought they were warm and smooth.

Great tube


At 25 dollars this is a 5 star tube. They have a grainy, slightly dark sound in overdrive that, (to my ears) is very similar to an RFT. The long Plate B759 does sound a little better, more "musical" if you will but these are just what I was looking for at the right price. I assumed these would be the same as the other Chinese 7025 "M" 10mm tubes I've used under various brand names, including TAD and Ruby but they are made slightly different -The Gold Lions I just listened to have the New Sensor type, "Russian", plate getters, whereas all the others I've seen have the JJ or Chinese Ring getters.

standard pin genalex gold lion 12ax7 tube


It's a special tube that owns the midrange with a woody tone like a bamboo flute analogy.
Gained up the highs are recessed and the sustain is all good with no fizz or biting tones at all.
Its possibly a telecasters dream come true and slide players are going to have too try this tube in a bright amp.
My Laney VC-30 has one now in v1 and thank goodness for this tube.
You need warmth? Here's your hot water bottle right here.
You can't get a bad tone no matter how cranked the amp is, its that warm.
Its an unusual 12ax7 to say the least!