Genalex - Gold Lion ECC81 / B739 Preamp Vacuum Tube

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Original Genalex Gold Lion ECC81/B739 vacuum tubes are considered the best 12AT7 preamp tube types ever made. They are also among the rarest types available. They exhibit a large detailed soundstage that is characterized by an expressive midrange, deep tight bass, and a smooth extended high end. The reissue Genalex Gold Lion ECC81/B739 recreates the sound signature of the original. This tube features balanced sections and gold plated pins.

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Genalex - Gold Lion ECC81 / B739 | Good tubes for a particular sound.


Got these GL-ECC81 for a new tube pre-amp that came with generic Chinese 12AU7's and 12AT7's. The 12AU7's I replaced with Electro-Harmonix gold pins that I had laying around. Instant improvement. Replaced the 12at7's with a matched pair of these Gold Lions. Instantly noted the tighter upper bass to middle mid-range sound, it was very noticeable. Tweets are well-defined, with pretty good air and a slight sparkle. Very good tubes. Only noticeable detriment may be that these are on the "darker/laid back" side of the spectrum. Definitely a mellow presentation, but that's not a bad thing. HUGE improvement over the generic tubes that came with the preamp.

Genalex - Gold Lion ECC81 / B739 | Wow just like I got a new pre-amp when these went into my old one


I have a 15 year old TAD-150 preamp, built by the legendary late Paul Grzybek, owner of Tube Audio Design. I was skeptical whether replacing the original tubes (which were still working well) with these Genalex GL-ECC81 would improve upon my already good sound.

Wow, what an improvement. The sound is open, yet warmer, quieter and tone is just marvellous. Also noticeably improved was the bass articulation and soundstage.

If you're in doubt, don't hesitate. Just buy it!

Just great


This tubes + Lucy in the sky with diamonds = paradise

The Answer for my Xiang Sheng 728A preamp


The tubes that came with the unit were, in a word, lousy-ok bass, mid range and treble was listenable but keep you wanting for overall better sound top to bottom. I tried the Mullard 12AU7 and found them to be an improvement in the sound. I saw Denny L's comments and found he had the same desire for better sound top to bottom that I had so I thought I'd give the higher priced Gold Lion custom tube a try and found that the extra expense was worth every penny. In all areas, the bass was stronger and more extended, the mid range had more layers of depth and more focused, and the top end was more precise and extended without being
harsh or hard. These Gold Lion premium tubes will be my choice for replacements for when the time comes. I recommend this tube very highly.

This is the one


Although the sound of the stock JJ 12AT7 is dynamic and lively in my AVA FET/Valve 400R, I wanted something a little smoother and soulful without losing the dynamics and bass punch of the JJ. I tried NOS Mullard, RCA, Sylvania Gold and Phillips.

Of these, my favorite was the Sylvania, but it went horribly microphonic. Surprisingly, these new stock Gold Lion's are just what I wanted. Smooth and lively without being hard or harsh...wide expressive midrange. Nice depth, detail and killer bass.

I'm very pleased and happy that there's a new stock ECC81 at a relatively decent price that sounds great.