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Original Genalex Gold Lion tubes are considered among the best 12AX7 tube types ever made. They are hard to find and when they are available, they are expensive. We now have the reissue CV4004 (ECC83) version in stock. It has long plates and gold pins.

From our review: "Sonically I find these tubes to have a lot of punch. More gain than a JJ ECC83S and less gain than a Shuguang 12AX7B. Noise is extremely low and microphonics are almost non-existent. I attribute that to the overall build quality. The high end on these tubes may be described as silky. Lots of definition and sparkle without a hint of harshness. The bottom end is not as pronounced as I had expected. Not an issue in a guitar amp and they certainly worked well in my tube pre-amp."

One other note about the construction of these tubes is they have filaments that are almost completely encased in the plate structure. They don't "light up" brightly when working properly.

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Incredible CV4004 tube


This Gold Lion Cv4004 gold pins tube replaced my NOS 60’s French Mazda long grey plates in my 1994 Marshall Valvestate.
The tone I got was incredible. It made my amp come alive again .Very fat ,crunchy, creamy & louder compared to the Mazda ECC83. I ordered the Mazda from Belgium years ago. It may have lost some of it’s mojo but still sounds great. It was my favorite tube in my amplifier but I wanted to try this Gold Lion after reading reviews on this CV4004. I am very satisfied with this new production tube which found a new home in my Marshall.

smooth singing tone


For reference, I replaced the 3 12ax7 Tungsol's in my Two Rock TS1 with 3 of these gold lions, 1 of them matched for the phase inverter. I felt the amp was losing some of it's "character", so I decided to try these out. I chose the cv4004 based on the fact that they described the high end as clear, defined and yet smooth- with a little less bass. By these descriptions it's exactly what I was looking for to complement this amp. The tube store was spot on with their description. This amp has a lot of bass eq on tap and I run it pretty low on the dial. These gold lions even helped create a tighter low end at the same bass eq level I had previously set, very nice.
The highs are clear, defined and very pleasing to the ear. For this amp, it loved the upgrade with these tubes.
The gain doesn't give off any grind or buzz quality, at least in this circuit, just singing gain tone.

Great lower gain preamp tube


This tube sounds great in the V1 spot for clean and sparkly tone. I tried it in the phase inverter section and it was a bit too low gain for that purpose. The large plate Gold Lions are better for that position. I now have these CV4004 tubes in all my V1 spots on my amps. Recommended!