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Tube upgrade package includes

This is a premium retube set for the Fender Bassman tube amp. These vacuum tubes provide excellent tone at a reasonable price and the most popular combination recommended by customer feedback.

We’ve been supplying tubes for over 20 years. Use our extensive knowledge, experience and customer feedback to select re-tube packages that will work great in your tube amp.

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Bias Type: Adjustable Bias


Fender Bassman Schematic

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Warranty Information and Return Policy

Warranty may vary for tubes in this package. See included tubes webpages for specific warranty details.

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Seriously worth the investment!

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I just installed the 'Premium' tube set in my trusty old 67 Fender Bassman 'blackface'. It now runs a lot quieter, 'way less hum - and with oodles of power and 'punch'. Cannot remember how old (very old!) the original tubes were - but I'm really glad I finally got around to switching them out. I can highly recommend the Premium set to anyone who wants to upgrade and improve their sound. E.G. 2018