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Here’s something completely different from Russia. Electro Harmonix has released the all-new 7025 model and it’s quite a departure from their previous offering. Clearly this was new from the ground up and not a re-working of something else. The only thing that carries over from their other designs is the rather tubby bottle they fit into. This is a dual triode with very short plates, in fact the plates are open at both ends so you can see the cathodes and control grids quite easily. There has been a lot of effort to shield the triode sections, including a full plate between them to prevent interference and added support across the two triodes to cut down on vibration. A single overhead getter bridged across the triodes tops it off. The micas are not extra thick but they are clean and well aligned to hold the structure. Overall the tube is well built with good alignment of the internal structures.

From our review: It’s quiet and I could find no trace of microphonics in a couple demanding guitar amps and my hifi tube audio phono stage. Tonally they are balanced and smooth. No harshness in the top end. To my ears these tubes seem to have a bit less gain than a Tung-Sol 12AX7 or the JJ Frame Grid. Regardless of your, taste from high-gain to folk, these will be great in your amp. Almost no background noise allows the high gain user to really drive the amp hard and be assured that the only feedback will be by design. At more reasonable gain levels you will find these to be warm and detailed.

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Another EH first !!


An amazing tube, this new release is virtually noise free, and rattle free. Nice smooth tones, and good gain characteristics. I have been using these in various Fender amps, and they have been consistent so far.

Superb value!


I purchased these with all the options checked ( hi gain, low noise, balanced). They have at least the same gain as my 12ax7 tubes. These are exceptionally smooth and grain free tubes with super low noise and deep, tight bass! In my system, they were best using 50db gain with my Pro-ject DS2 tube box (cartridge output is 2.5mv). At 45db gain, they are a little bit brighter sounding with a hint more of soundstage depth, but overall 50db gain was preferred for the best bass and grain free listen. A well balanced tube, top to bottom. They simply refuse to get sibilant, especially with 50db of gain and are easy to listen to for hours on end. One hell of a value!

Very Quiet


I decided to try the EH 7025, and I'm happy I did.
My amp doesn't make any noise that I can detect.
I love EH products!