Electro-Harmonix 12AU7A / ECC82EH Preamp Vacuum Tube

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The Electro-Harmonix 12AU7A / ECC82 preamp tube is a brand new vacuum tube that is made in Russia. It is a premium quality 12AU7 tube built to match the performance of the military-industrial original GE 6189 tube. Low microphonics and excellent linearity offer a musical and harmonic soundstage, making this 12AU7 tube equal to the original and a cut above the competition.

The 12AU7 tube type is equivalent to the European ECC82 tube and can be used in any 12AU7 or ECC82 circuit.

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Whoa, nice!


What a surprising nice sounding tube! If you want classic 'tube sound' this is for you. Sultry midrange, nice tube bloom in the bass, non-fatiguing silky highs that you can listen to all day long.

I currently use a pair of these tubes as phase-splitters in an Icon Audio Stereo20 PP Integrated amp. The rest of my tubes are JJ's, and these two ECC82's mate very, very well.

That said, it isn't without imperfections. Sometimes that bass bloom crosses the line into boom on some material. The soundstage isn't as large as it could be, staying well confined between the speakers. Although the image depth is quite nice and makes up for that a bit. Also, those silky highs lack some air and bite at times. This is definitely a 'tone trailing', and not a quick 'leading edge' tube.

Finally a first class replacement


Since my old Cifte 12au7 tube went out, I have struggled to find a replacement that can meet the sound of my old Cifte tube to my VTL 6.5 preamp. It took 4 trials until I found this 12au7 from Electro Harmonix. This version is really playing in the first division, at least with VTL. It is extremely quiet, the sound is crisp and the high frequencies are crystal clear like a mounting creek of spring water. I found a new star. On top of this it is affordable. It is a bargain for my gear.

Fender reverb driver replacement


The EH 12AU7 replaced the V3 reverb driver 12AT7 in my blackface Super Reverb with Hammond tank. Absolute sound quality of a tube itself isn't critical in this position so expensive NOS isn't a must, it's just a matter of degree of drive (gain), how that makes the reverb tank sound both tonally and in terms of 'sproingy-ness', and how it affects the useful setting range of the reverb control knob. The 12AU7 has a lower gain factor than the stock 12AT7 and can be safely substituted in this position without modification (in fact, this the only tube type substitution I actually like in this amp). If your Fender reverb is too intensely bright and splashy, causing you to only be able to use lower knob settings in the 3's or below for most material other than instrumental surf, then this substitution is worthwhile trying in order to help tame over-the-top reverb tone and increase your control of reverb balance via a wider range of useable knob settings. Especially in those inherently bright-sounding, bigger and louder Fender models like the SR this can be a very welcome cheap tweak (and you can still play surf, just turn the reverb knob up a little higher than you did before and enjoy the slightly darker, less aggressively crashy effect). The EH tube has proven noise-free and dependable in this application.

tone and gain


This tube surprised me. I put it into a Carvin V3m V1 slot thinking it would reduce the gain and it worked perfectly and also tightened up the response a bit. But then I switched it out to the V2 slot and was shocked how much better the amp sounded the definition and articulation have improved. Harmonics are better. I can actually turn the amp up to 10 now. It's all useable where before I was not able to turn it up past 7. For a Carvin high gain amp this tube works very well to tame the preamp.