Winged "C" (SED) EL34

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SED Factory Closure

Production of the SED Winged ā€œCā€ tubes has come to an end. We have purchased as much stock as available from them that was not factory seconds. We were offered factory seconds at a lower cost however we declined. We do know these factory seconds have entered the marketplace.

From our review of this EL34 tube: "If you want one EL34 tube that will do anything the Winged "C"/SED is money well spent. There is ample bass response but it is firm and controlled. The mids are smooth and the top end shimmers. Nice swirling harmonic content. The construction of the tube is outstanding and I feel it contributes to the overall performance. Lots of clean headroom from this tube with a smooth transition into breakup."

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Ratings & Reviews

13 reviews

Heater Failed


I bought two pairs of these for my stereo amp. They really had a nice sound but after about 50 hours the filament shorted out on one of the tubes (near dead short). Although they sound great I have to agree with others that the reliability isn't great.

Winged c el34 audiophile sound


Bought the tubes for Quicksilver horn monos. I have read these tubes are favoured by audiophiles and I would agree that the sound in the Quickie amps would appeal to those senses. Smooth top to bottom but being more music lover than audiophile I can't seem to warm up to them. They seem to lack life. I like the stock NOS Teslas better. The winged c 's have been reliable and were as promised so I will give them 3.5 stars never the less.

The best EL34 that used to be available!


I have been using these tubes since back in the days they were called Svetlana. The theft of that name, and subsequent foisting off of lesser tubes under that banner is a sales tactic that will assure I will never buy a single tube from that importer. I was away from tube amps a while, gigging my Fractal gear, and came back to find my beloved tubes are now an endangered species. I have several quads put back, and it's sad that such an awesome product in the EL34/6L6GC world has bitten the dust.

For reference, I use these in several guitar amplifiers: Mesa Road King II, Mesa Nomad, and Marshall Haze 40. In every single case I have ever used them, the result has been a bolder sound, less brittle and more robust, regardless of the tubes replaced (JJ, GT, Marshall, EH). This has been the only tube manufacturer I have ever used as an automatic replacement for "whatever" tube is in the power amp section.

So sad they are no longer producing. I hope they change their mind, as the St Petersberg factory isn't closed, as far as I can tell, just isn't making these smaller tubes any longer.

Great Tube But Expensive


I have no disappointments with the winged C EL34. I love them. Fantastic tube. But I don't get the fact that they are 'no longer made', but I can keep buying them at the higher price? I feel like I'm not being treated fairly by the SED boys...If we are paying double the price, why would they ever lower it?

The real deal. A favorite that is no longer being made thanks to EHX.


These are the real Svetlanas. Finest power tubes made, until 2013, when the factory ceased production. I used to run Winged C Svetlana St Petersburg tubes in EVERY amp I was designing for the neutral well balanced sound, and consistency of the St Petersburg small factory power tube's reliability and reasonable cost...These were a hard vacuum sounding Telefunken/RFT type EL34, with a great treble, tight bass, nice mids, and loads of headroom. Conversely the Sovteklana is kind of weak on the top and bottom, and it's basically a rebranded Sovtek. I like the WXT Sovtek, but not the Saratov Svetlana.