Winged "C" (SED) 6L6GC

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We have discovered limited stock of these coveted NOS tubes. The highly regarded Winged "C" 6L6GC was once considered the best of the best until the factory closed down. We scoured the globe but since our last tube sold 2017 we have been out of stock, until now. Due to popularity we don't expect these to last long so get yours before they are gone.

SED Factory Closure- Production of the SED Winged “C” tubes has come to an end. We have purchased as much stock as available from them that was not factory seconds. We were offered factory seconds at a lower cost however we declined. We do know these factory seconds have entered the marketplace so buyer beware.

Stock is limited and our price has been raised to reflect the higher purchase cost of this final product. SED Winged "C" tubes should now be considered NOS (New Old Stock).

From our review of the Winged "C" 6L6GC tube: "This may be the closest thing available if you really want the vintage sound of the large bottle Sylvania and RCA tubes of yesterday. Tremendous harmonic content and an overall depth in sound make these another excellent choice for the purist. They can handle solid plate voltages and are very well constructed. Consider these 6L6 tubes as an excellent choice for any type of music, delivering crystal cleans and smooth breakup with plenty of punch."

Unequaled clarity and complex harmonics, plenty of sustain and depth.

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Great! but didnt last long... :(


They totally upgraded the sound of my amp but after a year of use the went microphonic on me. Perhaps these would be best in a studio amp that doesn't move or get pushed too much. I don't baby my amp on the road, definitely went through the regular bumps of touring, but never dropped or knocked over. If I bought another pair at this price I would not take them out of the basement.

Super good


I wanted my Engl Screamer 50 combo to sound a lot more warm and suited for blues. I first put four of these Preferred Series 7025 in replacement of the three 12AX7 Sovtek and one 12AX7 China Groove Tube that were in. Swapping the tubes made a world of difference. It went from dull and cold as hell to sunny and warm paradise.Then I changed the two Sovtek 5881wxt for two paired Winged C SED 6L6GC and after biasing it now sounds like the amp I always wanted for bluesy and crunchy sounds. I highly recommend!Thank you Jon for the advice :) you said I would be impressed, well I am!

The Standard


I recently acquired a McInstosh 240. Its Unity Coupled output stage requires no biasing after tube swaps, which makes it an ideal test mule for swapping and reviewing 6L6 tubes. Let me preface this by stating that this is a hi-fi review, not a guitar review. Both have subjective components but a hi-fi review probably requires a bit more objectivity as "fidelity" is in the name. Unfortunately, I have not unpacked any of my test gear since moving back East. Having said that, I do play guitar an look forward to testing these tubes in a guitar rig.After hundreds of hours of listening, it is clear to me that this would have been the standard by which current production 6L6's would be measured. Unfortunately it is no longer produced and I'm trying to find a successor. While the amp itself is a critical link in the circuit, I didn't know tube amps could produce so much bass before listening to this tube. The bass is deep and controlled and smoothly transitions to mid-range with no coloring. The top-end is pleasant and easy to listen to.Now let me get subjective for a moment. This tube in a MC-240 is magical. I cannot pinpoint where or why, but I suspect it is in the mid-range and is probably the "tubeness" that people rave about. There is absolutely no fatigue, and I can (and do) listen for hours. It's hard to explain, but at the first note played, I want to say "OK, this is a nice tube" but somewhere around a half-hour later, you realize that you have been experiencing audio euphoria. No one snapshot in time reveals the euphoria, but rather it is like a mathematical integral where you realize the area under the curve has been accumulating. Definitely a great tube, though at a premium.

The best


I recently rolled some tubes in my '69 Twin, comparing both tubes, and bias settings. I recorded each permutation using a clean Strat, and compared in a DAW. Tube sets: Winged C, well-matched NOS RCA black-plates, TAD short bottles, and a few others, even a set of JJs (yuck), and Sovtek 5881WXT.The Winged C set topped everything else, with ease. I like them biased cool, at 45% max dissipation, or around 34 mA.Some really pretty tubes. Very open, airy, and musical.Also, the initial quad purchased from thetubestore wasn't as well-matched as I wanted, and customer service was excellent.

The best 6L6 since RCA


I have been using these tubes since back in the days they were called Svetlana. The theft of that name, and subsequent foisting off of lesser tubes under that banner is a sales tactic that will assure I will never buy a single tube from that importer. I was away from tube amps a while, gigging my Fractal gear, and came back to find my beloved tubes are now an endangered species. I have several quads put back, and it's sad that such an awesome product in the EL34/6L6GC world has bitten the dust.For reference, I use these in several guitar amplifiers: Mesa Road King II, Mesa Nomad, and 1964 Fender Super Reverb, Atomic 50 tube FRFR, and have used them in tube power amps such as the Mesa Stereo Simul Class 295.In each case, perhaps even more so than the Winged C EL34 (also an incredible tube) the 6L6GC opens up the sound of the amplifier in a way you have to hear to understand. The sound is balanced, complete, and complex all at the same time. Everything rings through with clarity, and there is a boldness when turned up that is hard to describe. It isn't just loud, it's immense.So sad they are no longer producing. I hope they change their mind, as the St Petersberg factory isn't closed, as far as I can tell, just isn't making these smaller tubes any longer.