Winged "C" (SED) 6L6GC

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We have discovered limited stock of these coveted NOS tubes. The highly regarded Winged "C" 6L6GC was once considered the best of the best until the factory closed down. We scoured the globe but since our last tube sold 2017 we have been out of stock, until now. Due to popularity we don't expect these to last long so get yours before they are gone.

SED Factory Closure- Production of the SED Winged “C” tubes has come to an end. We have purchased as much stock as available from them that was not factory seconds. We were offered factory seconds at a lower cost however we declined. We do know these factory seconds have entered the marketplace so buyer beware.

Stock is limited and our price has been raised to reflect the higher purchase cost of this final product. SED Winged "C" tubes should now be considered NOS (New Old Stock).

From our review of the Winged "C" 6L6GC tube: "This may be the closest thing available if you really want the vintage sound of the large bottle Sylvania and RCA tubes of yesterday. Tremendous harmonic content and an overall depth in sound make these another excellent choice for the purist. They can handle solid plate voltages and are very well constructed. Consider these 6L6 tubes as an excellent choice for any type of music, delivering crystal cleans and smooth breakup with plenty of punch."

Unequaled clarity and complex harmonics, plenty of sustain and depth.

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As close to an STR 387 as you are gonna get now.


I finally had to retube some of my old Fender amps from the 1970s. These were as close to the STR-387 as I could find. The Svetlana New Sensor is similar but the highs are a bit airy and flutey compared to these. These have that chiming bell like tone. Nothing will replace the STRs or non STR big bottle Sylvanias, but these are pretty close. Get a lower number for the non STR387 or 415 sound which I really like a lot too. Those are not as clean, and just sound great. These are a close second and don't cost $100 each.

If you want big bottle STR sound this is as close as it gets!


If you happened to grow up in the 1970s and you were lucky enough to have an uncle with a music store you KNOW what vintage amps sound like. These tubes are the best bet for getting the CBS Fender tone. Clarity and headroom are as almost good as the original STR 387s, and fall just a tad shorter than the STR 415s. Great for hi fi too! Chiming rich highs, warm bright mids, and a tight low end. Detail is the best of all the modern 6L6GCs. They can be a bit microphonic in combo amps. This is not very common, and not usually to any great extent to the point of being too objectionable. This is another of my favorite 6L6GCs. Very low rate of failure, especially compared to JJ. The only thing better is real NOS big bottle Sylvanias.

My Review


Though I'm not a tube expert, I have bought tubes for my amps (a Mesa Boogie Blue Angel and a Marshall Bluesbreaker re-issue) from Mesa, Groove tubes and Fender at local guitar shops. After putting the tubes that I bought from The Tube Store into both my amps I can honestly say they both sound better than ever! The EH 12ax7eh tubes I put in the Blue Angel are far cleaner sounding than the Mesa or Groove tube 12ax7s Ive used in the past. I have had problems with microphonics and amp hiss with this amp and thought I was going to have to take it to a repair center, the new tubes make that trip unnecessary. The JJ el84s are also better sounding than the any of the past tubes Ive used. I had already replaced the 6v6s with EH 6v6eh tubes bought locally and the great sound they gave me with this amp prompted me to buy the rest from The Tube Store. As for my Bluesbreaker, I had already replaced the 12ax7s with some Mesas and wanted 6l6gcs to replace the Fender(Sovtek) 5881wxt tubes I was using. So I picked the SED 6L6GC tubes, biased them to 35ma and was blown away by the difference in sound these tubes made! I may try biasing a little higher if I can put my guitar down long enough to do it!

GREAT Power Tubes!


I just retubed my Egnater Tourmaster 4100 Head with a matched quarted of these bad boys and man does the amp sounds amazing. I also used a matched set of Tung Sol 12AX7 Pre Amp tubes rated at 97. Great bottom end and super rich gain and clean tones. I have to back off on the treble and presence, due no doubt to the hot preamp tubes. The amp gets amazing clean and dirty tones. I could not be happier!

Best Tubes!!!


Bought these tubes for a Fender Hot Rod Deville because the Groove Tubes that came in the amp blew out. The GT tubes were their 6L6-R which are really Sovtec 5881s. Those tubes were ok but not what I really thought they should be plus I couldn't see paying for over priced tubes because they tested them and stamped their label on them. So I settled with these Winged "C" 6L6GC tubes to try them out. Nothing different about the amp the pre amp still has the GT 12ax7s in them and it was biased to the proper setting and I can honestly say what a difference it has made to this amp. I have tried other tubes in other amps with no real huge impact on me as far as a difference in sound. These tubes opened the amp to a more articulate and punctual sound. To be able to here every note as crisp and clear as this with the vintage sound was just is amazing. I cannot speak for everyone but these tubes have really made a big difference to this amp. I really was thinking of selling the amp because of the muddled and strangled sound it had. I knew it would get a little better with new tubes but I am blown away how much it helped. This amp is now easily one of the best amps I have ever played with. Don't worry about losing gain either there is still a lot of gain to be had. I will post a video on youtube soon. I will also be changing the preamp tubes over to Tung-Sol 12AX7 tubes as well soon. Best change from an amp I have ever heard.