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Note: at this time we do not expect more stock. A close alternative is the Preferred Series 7025.

The new TAD 7025S is a faithful reproduction of the legendary original Mullard ECC83 valve which was made in England till the late 1960s. This 7025 tube is regarded as the holy grail among the double-triode preamp valves. The extra thick mica spacers support the rugged mechanical construction and the careful TAD quality control proceedure ensures performance stability and low microphonics.

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Ratings & Reviews

5 reviews

TAD 12AX7 review A+++


I had a intermittent short in my Benz Genz Bass amp pre-amp tube/socket area. Sent to Benz Genz and no luck with the repair attempt. The Tube Store 7025 hummed big time (because of my amp, not the tube IMHO). The TAD 7025-S worked perfectly! The TAD is VERY quiet, cleaned up the low end bloom and added warmth and more balance /presence to the highs. The right amount of clean gain for bass IMHO. Slightly taller than the Ruby & Tubestore 12AX7. Most likely not the best 12AX7 for guitar high gain. Excellent choice for clean bass and guitar tone or mic pre-amp.

Like the tube, maybe not the price


Nothing to really dislike; but this price is substantially higher than competitive, well-balanced Russian competitors (I'm thinking Electro Harmonix, maybe Sovtek LPS, etc.)Still, lower noise and more rounded tone than stock Sovteks (WA); took some of the nasty "fizzy" sound out of my modded valve junior.

Not reliable?


I liked these fine until one of them became noisy after four months of very light use. Too expensive to take another chance on.

Other and BETTER


Not the very best TAD 7025. The TAD 7025 WA High-grade Premium Selected is much better, very good balanced, NO microphonics at all and the best tube for the V1 position. Above that, much cheaper.

Dead sound


Not an articulate tube. Am finding that I don't like any tubes made by TAD