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From our review: The TAD 6V6GT-STR tube has all the classic tone you want, plenty of gain and very little noise at all. It will handle the abuse that currently can only be handled by the JJ 6V6-S. Traditionalists don’t seem to trust the JJ because of its unique construction and think of it as something between a 6V6 and 6L6. They have been my favorites because you can punish them and they take it. With the TAD 6V6GT-STR tube there is now another option that gives me that same feeling of security.

A heavy duty 6V6 tube, that handles higher plate current.
This 6V6GT tube works great in Deluxe Reverb Amps. Sweet tone with silky highs.

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9 reviews

Love it!


I am a hobbyist without much experience regarding different tubes so I can only say that I replaced the stock Chinese tube with the TAD 6V6 GT in my Gretsch G5222 and I immediately noticed a difference. Overall just clearer and louder. The stock speaker is still not great but both this tube and an EH 12AX7 already make my amp sound 70 % better! Great rapid service from thetubestore! I would definitely buy again from here.



Very strong construction, soundwise, those tubes have it all. I tried JJ, Tungsol, EH and others and nothing can beat this tube. Biased at 28mA and no problem for this tube. Rich sound from bottom to top.

Ignore the hype


I guess it depends on what type of amp this tube is being used in. How it's advertised as robust and compared to a JJ 6V6, one would think this is a good tube in a single end class A 50s style amp. I bought one of these from another dealer and the bottle was attached to the pins very crooked. Then the bottle broke off from the pin casing. I figured I try another and bought it from tube store. It sucks for sound. I'm going back to JJs.


by -

I was looking for a tube that had a tighter and deeper bass of a JJ 6v6, sweeter mids, and a bright but smooth top end. Jon recommended these. Nailed it.

These were a little edgey fresh out of the box but really came into their own after about 10 hours of playtime.

Tone is clear as a bell, and very vibey but not loose.. think "jangley".. and open sounding. Their breakup is smoother than the crunchy more pronounced upper mids of the JJ. All American tones, like a 5881 to my ear.

Never been more satisfied with a tube for a broad range of gain structures.. TAD has something very special with this one.