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The TAD 6L6WGC-STR has the warm lower mids and smooth top end. These are a good choice for vintage tube amps like the Bassman, Twin or Super Reverb, just to name a few, and are great in many new amps as well. The Marshall 9200 power amp requires a shorter tube so the TAD 6L6 WGC-STR is a great upgrade tube in these amps.

The TAD 6L6WGC-STR has an black-plate design, gold grid wire, double getter construction, no-noise filaments, and a 1.2mm thick heavy duty glass envelope.

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Broken guide key


I put these in my amp and a few days later pulled them to put the old ones (just to see if I could hear a difference in the tone). When I pulled the one the guide key stayed in the amp. thetubestore told me this wasn't covered by any warranty. Over the last 35 years I've swapped tubes on amps countless times, so I know you don't screw them in.Not happy with either the tubes or the customer service.

thetubestore: This is the warranty policy from TAD and we provided their contact details. We also provided a link to How to Install a Power Tube with a Broken Guide Key.

Krank Chadwick series 1


First let me say I love the tube store. They have always been very helpful and top notch. I put this tube rated #2 in my Krank series 1. Fantastic improvement. Made my amp come alive. Wonderful and very toneful.

More Open, Richer Sound


I've 2 guitar amps. Carr Rambler and Fender Eric Clapton Twinolux. The Rambler is a very clear sounding amp. The Twinolux has a strong middle without a middle control, just treble, bass and presence. With both of these amps the guitar had a more open, glassy, liquid sound that was richer and more compelling for me to want to hear. I would describe it as the guitar's tone was more apparent. It is a little fuller in the low end, but I just rolled of a bit on the Rambler. I would buy this tube again.



I ordered a set for my '66 Bassman and another for my '67 Bandmaster because of all the positive reviews. I was a little skeptical, but they are really amazing. Nice warm sound and the mids are great for older Fender amps that tend to lack in that department a little. Cranking the Bassman with these tubes never sounded so sweet. With the 30watt plate dissipation, I found myself biasing a little hotter than I normally would, but man... so good! These are easily the best new production power tubes I've tried.

Fantastic in a Tweaker 15


These sound spectacular in an Egnater Tweaker 15. Chimey and rich. Full. Takes pedals better now. Big tubes and big tone. I also use NOS Tung Sol 5881 and these sound as good or better without the huge price of NOS. I will never be without a set of these. For all you Tweakers, try these. Way better for pedals than 6v6 tubes and miles better than stock.