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Note: at this time we do not expect more stock. A close alternative is the Preferred Series 6L6GC.

The TAD 6L6WGC-STR has the warm lower mids and smooth top end. These are a good choice for vintage tube amps like the Bassman, Twin or Super Reverb, just to name a few, and are great in many new amps as well. The Marshall 9200 power amp requires a shorter tube so the TAD 6L6 WGC-STR is a great upgrade tube in these amps.

The TAD 6L6WGC-STR has an black-plate design, gold grid wire, double getter construction, no-noise filaments, and a 1.2mm thick heavy duty glass envelope.

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Old school tones


These work very well in point to point fenders.In my vibrolux reverb all other tubes sounded too bright. These tubes added depth, warmth and sweetness. Try the bias around 33mA per tube.They worked perfect in my super reverb!!!Perfect "old school tone" in a bottle.

Did not live up to my expectations


I bought the tubes based on their description, the quality that goes into making them, and what the company recommend for my 135w twin reverb. I was really sold on the "warm lower mids and silky top end" but a perfect choice for my Twin, I think not. Bias was at 30mA as heavily recommended by the manufacturer for the 135w ultralinear twin otherwise they'll burn out fast if it's any higher. I felt they were too bright and wondered why my bass and mids went. Dialing in the EQ on the amp has never been more frustrating. I'm going to stick with tubes that mimic my old RCA Black plates from now on. I will give TAD one more chance though and try a 6L6GC quartet, otherwise it's back to using JJs. After a month of playing through them almost every night I'm giving 4 stars because the description and expectations were off. I can see where someone might love them though, I think they're built well, will hold up to 550 on the plate voltage, and can really deliver that twang if you're playing country, but I wanna rock!

Nice GE 6L6 Copy!


These Chinese 6L6's are faithful copies of the legendary GE 6L6GC that was introduced in 1959. Same exact short bottle dimensions, same double side getters and clear top. I'm not sure they can handle the 500 plate volts of the original, however. The sound really good too....not as bright as the GE's, which might be just the ticket for single coil pickups and "top heavy" amplifers. Gain is on the low side, which may make you turn up a little higher than usual. I don't find this a problem, since I don't play super loud anyway. I also use this tube in my Hi Fi amplifers.

Audiophile Tube


The TAD 6L6WGC-STR is a dreamy musical valve that is unbelievable in a home audio application.Compared to other tubes I have heard, this tube has a liquid smooth mid range with the addition of sweeter extended highs and deeper more powerful bass. Imaging and sound-stage are top notch and vocals are life-like.Highly Recommended.

NEW GE6L6GC???..wow!!


These tubes do sound like the GE NOS!!! Nice mids, the bass (low end) is to die for, and silky highs. This is nothing but a great tube!!!!