Sovtek 12AX7-LPS Preamp Vacuum Tube

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From our review of this 12AX7 tube: "This is an entirely new 12AX7 preamp tube design from Sovtek and a great step up in sound quality. They have very large ribbed plates and great sound reproduction. I found them very smooth and well balanced in terms of bass, mids and treble response. The large plates make them more prone to microphonics and in combo amps, so they can be a problem if you like to run things wide open. It is still the best thing Sovtek has produced in a 12AX7 vacuum tube, with very good gain and low noise.

I would advise against using them in compact high-powered combo amps where they will be subjected to lots of vibration.

One other note about the construction of these tubes is they have filaments that are almost completely encased in the plate structure. They often don't "light up" when working properly. This is not a problem, it's normal for the LPS."

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Great V1 & Phase Inverter


I have used this guy for V1 and the phase inverters in several amp (Marshall jubilee, B52 AT100, Bugera 333XL Infinium and others).
Not as high gain as Tung-Sols or Electro Harmonix, but very quiet and full sounding.

It will work in the gain stages, but for really saturated distortion, this won't provide it.

They'd be great for 'cleaner' players in all spots.
Construction and sound is 'similar' to the Mullard reissue. I noticed no difference between the two.

Great sounding tube


I'm a New Old Stock nut, but was very pleasantly surprised by the Sovtek 12AX7LPS. This tube is even, warm, and expressive. I can't find much wrong with it really. It's not flimsy or sculpted, as I've come to expect from new production tubes. Works great in my guitar amps. Lively, but not harsh. Also more critically, it's sounds really good in a microphone preamp too. Very unusual for any tube to be this flexible. Maybe old Mullards can pull that off. Very useful and great sounding tube.

great sounding tube


I put this tube in the phase inverter position of my peavey classic 30. I have a nice musical notes and a tight bottom end that is very pleasing to the ear. This is a more bright tube than say a JJ in the phase inverter. I'm happy with it. My amp took on a Marshall type crunch.

My Fav Sovtek preamp tube.


The Sovtek LPS and the Tung-Sol are my favorite for big gain. I've never had a Sovtek with a short life either.

great choice for phase inverter position


This is a great tube for phase inverter position. Really pushes the power tubes in a positive way. One amp that I tried it in, Traynor el34 it didn't like, but all my Fenders excelled with it in v3. Loud, clear, keeps tone intact. Once I moved it to v1 it was like I had put a wet blanket over the amp. Some would call that warm, but sometimes that's just a nice word for sounds awful. I wouldn't waste my time buying it for anything other than a phase inverter. Comparable tubes in this price range are JJ ECC803S, and JJ ECC803S gold. This tube is slightly brighter than both of those. Use if you want to keep your tone brighter, or have an overly warm amp. Excellent as phase inverter in a Fender Blues Deluxe as the 6L6's are warm power tubes. However if money is no object Gold Lion ECC83 / B759 (premium) beats these hands down in the pi.