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The Chinese (Sino) 12AX7 tube (made by Shuguang) is popular with Marshall owners for its gain and bite. It is currently re-branded by Penta, Ruby Tubes, Groove Tubes, and many others. Regardless of the name, they are all the same.

Note:  These tubes are often not labeled or Shuguang labels them "12AX7" only, and does not include the "A" suffix.  However these are "12AX7A" tubes.

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Ratings & Reviews

17 reviews

So much better than jj


I put these in my 1969 fender champ and my deluxe reverb reissue. Both had jj 12ax7's. I have used tung-sol reissue 12ax7's before which i would almost compare with these. Tungsols are a little more dynamic/open sounding and with plenty of gain on tap. The shuguangs have plenty of gain as well. Nice crunchy overdrive/distortion with pedals. The difference this made in the champ from the jj's is just incredible. Much tighter heavier bass response which is huge being that the speaker is only 8". Nice mids but not overly middy. My favorite is the jangly treble response without being ice-picky. I think these tubes are the best bang for the buck by far. Tung-sol have not seemed to last very long for me so these will be my go-to. Will not even consider jj preamps (6v6 power tubes are nice), as they are bland and harsh compared to these. Very quick shipping from thetubestore - thanks.

Great in lead channel for crunch!


I had been running the JJ ECC803S in my Classic 30 as that was the "recommended" tube pack on the Peavey forums.

On a whim I bought one of these so I could make the minimum order. The other reviews gave it good high gain crunch so I was curious.

Well, it works exactly as advertised. It sounds great, and I can get a good crunchy, heavy sound with my C30 and a Gibson SG, without any pedals!

Definitely recommend if you are looking for something a little more "punk" sounding more so than a bluesy sounding lead channel.

Not sure...


Not recommended for a Valvestate VS100. It just sounded muddy. I bought a JJ ECC803S / 12AX7 as well, and it was much, much better. Tried both clean and distorted channels, and I also ran them through a Russian Big Muff afterwards. Maybe this tube works for some other amp, and not a hybrid/solid state like the VS100.

Everyone else here says it has a good crunch, and I can't really argue with that. I guess it's all down to a matter of taste, but I seriously doubt I will buy any more to try for my ValveKing II.

Looks the same as Ruby...


...and most likely is the same as Ruby, as the description states. In any case, I use this/Ruby in V1 in both my amps, a Peavey Valveking II 100W and a Dark Terror. Mixed and matched them with stock JJs in the DT and JJ83S (V3) and Mullard CV4004 (V2) in the Valveking. What is achieved? Insane gain with balanced output. I think I am very close to finding the Holy Grail. Only the space-time continuum will tell...

Not too bad for the money


These tubes sound pretty good for the price. They do have some microphonic issues. At least the ones that I got did. I've since moved them to the reverb side on my amp and ordered some EH's.