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A customer comment: "I ordered two Gold Lion ECC83/B759 tubes a few days ago and I put one of them in the first preamp stage of my Rivera combo. Fantastic! On clean or distortion, both are absolutely fantastic! It provides good definition, fast attack, extended high frequency response, and full harmonic content. They are the best ECC83 / 12AX7 tube I've tried! And they are not overpriced rare NOS! - 10/10"

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Original Genalex Gold Lion ECC83/B759/12AX7 tubes are considered among the best 12AX7 tube types ever made. They are hard to find and when they are available, they are expensive. They exhibit a large detailed soundstage that is sought after by discerning audiophiles who demand the highest quality sound. The reissue Genalex Gold Lion ECC83 / B759 / 12AX7 recreates the sound signature of the original. This tube features balanced sections and gold plated pins.

One other note about the construction of these tubes is they have filaments that are almost completely encased in the plate structure. They don't "light up" brightly when working properly.

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Ignore the naysayers...


A great sounding tube...bought a pair for my Jolida 502p after an otherwise decent Psvane 12AT7-II died can't beat these for the money as they are every bit as musical, quiet, and well made as most NOS exotica, and gold pins stay cleaner in their sockets.

Gold Lion ECC83/B759


Installed these tubes in the pre-amplifier section of my JoLida FX10. These are amazing tubes. The soundstage has been improved, more 3D and more detail. They are dead quiet. Excellent upgrade, well worth the money. Tube Store service was excellent again!



Added one of these to my Hartke LH500 bass head and it smoothed out the EQ tone considerably! Outstanding tube...expensive but honestly worth it!

The best with the right amp!


So these are obviously expensive and I can easily see someone thinking they are overrated if they spend the forty some dollars times however many they need only to put them in the wrong amp. I have these in my Marshall HW 1959slp, my Marshall TSL100, my ampeg svt3 pro and my orange OR15 head and they sound ridiculously amazing! As good as any nos tube I have tried at much higher prices. I have yet to have one go bad or crash out early and the beautiful organic overdrive these produce is second to none. In my Marshall JCM 900, my Mesa rectifier, my blues jr and my Blackstar HT-5 I absolutely thought they were seriously overrated and well overpriced. The key is fitting these to the right amp. They are definitely not great for that hi octane modern metal vibe in my opinion. One of the biggest surprises was how amazing they sounded in my orange OR15 head. I swear it took that little amp into the vintage 70s Orange tonality and everyone that hears this amp now comes over to ask what year it is. Then they see the OR15 and say, "how come yours sounds so much better than the ones I have tried?!" All in all these are worth every penny but contact the guys here at the tube store and make sure they are potentially a good fit for the tone you are looking for and the amp you plan on using them in if they aren't recommended in your amps retune kit. Well worth it!

Real classy in a phono pre


Gonna echo Darrin from Newfoundland's comment. I got a matched pair of these, along with two of the Gold Lion's, and put them in a Wright Sound phono pre. Really classed up the joint; real smooth, dead quiet, warm but clean sound. Difference was night and day compared to some nos ge tubes that were in there when I bought the amp. I recommend them.