Elekit TU-8340 Push-Pull DIY Tube Amp Kit

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For those who want to build a DIY hifi tube amp but need power the Elekit TU-8340 amplifier is the answer. It is designed for EL34/6CA7, 6L6/5881, KT66, KT88, KT120, and KT150 power tubes, allowing you to dial in your preferred sound characteristics. Depending which power tubes are installed, this class AB amplifier can provide up to 50W per channel.

From Analog & Tube Magazine:

"Using EL34 tubes: In UL mode- the soundstage is deep with well controlled decay. Music is articulate and detailed with a lifelike soundstage. The soundstage has a dynamic range with more volume available. In Triode mode: there is less volume available, but the sensitivity, bass, elasticity of rhythm instruments improves with a more dynamic, richer and more natural soundstage. Using 6L6GC: 3-dimensional sound stage with a clear, open sound and lower bass. Using KT150: Even larger sound stage with very delicate presentation This model is very reliable even as a tube rolling/tube evaluation machine."

From Wall of Sound:

"If you have speakers with a reasonable impedance...and decent sensitivity (88db/w/m or better) in a midsize room or, smaller, less efficient speakers in a small room, then YES, this could be your last power amp. A big room with, say, a pair of Klipschorns or other ultra high-efficiency speaker could be a heavenly match for the TU-8340VK."

Tube sets for this kit can be ordered below.

Upgrade Package    Premium Package     Ultimate Package

The TU-8340 tube amplifier implements a new semi-automatic bias adjustment system. You can set the bias by simply pressing the button.

Another great feature is a Ultralinear to Triode selection switch. This switch changes the mode of the output tube circuit between these two options.

When tube rolling is not enough, some folks also like to upgrade audio coupling capacitors. The PC board provides a large foot print allowing the amp builder to install almost any boutique caps they wish.

The power transformer is fully universal allowing the Elekit TU-8340 to be used virtually anywhere in the world. Just choose the appropriate options for your country (100V, 115V, 200V, and 230V) during assembly.

The high voltage power supply employs power MOSFET as ripple filters, keeping hum and noise floor to a minimum, improving overall audio quality.


Stock tubes
EL34: 4pcs
12AT7: 4pcs
(Tubes are not included)
Rated output

UL connection

Triode connection




Rated input

EL34 (UL) : 460mV (Triode) : 360mV

Residual noise
EL34 (UL) :180μV (IHF-A)
Frequency response
5Hz-120kHz (-3dB)

Input terminal

LINE x 1
Output terminal
SP output terminal (4-6.3Ω, 8-16Ω) Gold-plated terminal (Banana plug usable)
Power voltage
AC100V 50/60Hz (3P inlet)
Power consumption
EL34130W (no signal)190W (Max. output)

KT88140W (no signal)195W (Max. output)

KT150150W (no signal)250W (Max. output)
W450 x H200 x D336mm (incl.projections)

Approx, 17kg (incl. cover, excl. power cord)

Additional Information and Downloads

How to adjust the bias

1. When using new tubes or tubes are exchanged, press “SAFETYRESET” button right after the power ON. The cathode current of the output tubes are brought to the minimum position - safe statuts - and it becomes stand-by status.

2. After the tubes fully warm up, press “START ADJUST” button. Then the bias current is automatically adjusted. This adjustment is stored in the nonvolatile memory. Therefore, even though the output tubes are exchanged and the power is turned ON, the error indication appears until “SAFETY RESET” button is pressed.


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About Elekit

Elekit (EK Japan Co. LTD) has been producing electronics kits since the early 1970's. While their main focus has always been educational kits, more recently they started to offer hifi audio amplifier kits. Included are some fantastic DIY vacuum tube amps and headphone amplifiers.

Since this is an electronic product that is assembled by the user, we cannot provide a warranty like those found for regular pre-assembled electronics. Instead, Elekit can provide a counseling service. If there is a problem in the product please contact ELEKIT. However, throughout the instruction manual there are many check points, and we kindly ask you to make sure to pay attention to those check points as most of the time your problem can be solved if you follow them closely. We can not accept returns of any kit that has been started. EK JAPAN CO., LTD Tofuro-minami 2-19-30, Dazaifu-shi, Fukuoka, 818-0105 Japan Phone: +81-92-923-8235 Fax: +81-92-923-8237 Website: http://www.elekit.co.jp Email: info@elekit.co.jpanty tab)

If you receive a tube that does not perform to the manufacturer's specifications, please do the following:

- contact us to get a return authorization
- return it via regular mail within 90 days from when we shipped it, and we will provide an exchange or refund of the full purchase price of the tube.

Returns not related to warranty or defect will be considered at our discretion, and are subject to a 15% restocking fee.

We can not accept returns that don't have an authorization, are past 3 month, or are returned improperly.

These guidelines may be updated without notice.

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I bought this kit after some time of deep thinking where to move from my current old hybrid amplifier from 70s (transistor preamp part, and tube EF86, ECC85 and 2x EL34 power part). Definitely I wanted to go to direction without any semiconductor in audio path. Completion of kit took around 7 hours from soldering to final assembly, including control of unit before placing top chassis. Final feeling is very well, sound is very clear, no noise, no hum, and this is what I wanted. I am now using my stock of NOS Tesla EL34 as output tubes. Semiautomatic bias is amazing feature comparing to my old amplifier where I needed once or twice per year to setup correct bias manually by measuring cathode current by voltage on 1,4 ohm resistor. So don´t hesitate to buy this amplifier. I am pretty well satisfied with it. At the end I would like to thank to Jon from thetubestore.com for answering my questions before ordering. So also very satisfied with level of response from Jon.