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Elekit TU-8300R 300B Single Ended Tube Amp Kit

4 Reviews
USD $‎1,299.95
Elekit (EK Japan Co. LTD) has been producing electronics kits since the early 1970's. While their main focus has always been educational kits, more recently they started to offer hifi audio amplifier kits. Included are some fantastic DIY  vacuum tube amps and headphone amplifiers.

In 2014 they released their limited edition TU-LAB (TU-8300R) 300B amp kit. This kit will provide high-end tube audio sound quality for much less cost than you will find from other quality 300B tube amplifiers. Elekit has provided excellent quality parts, along with a very solid chassis and PC board. If you have ever wanted to have the 300B Triode "magic" in your own home audio system, the TU-8300R kit should be one you consider.

Tube Rolling! The most exciting feature of this amplifier kit is that not only can the famous 300B output tube be used, many other common power tubes are options as well. Elekit does this by providing two different sockets: one that fits 300B tubes, and another that is for KT88, 6550, KT66, KT77, EL34/6CA7, or 6L6GC tubes. This allows you choose which tube you want to hear, no modifications are required. But what is even more exciting is that a constant-current-source is used to regulate the output tubes, keeping them perfectly biased with absolutely no need for the amp user to set or reset the bias ever!

We now offer Tube Upgrade Packages! Each package is a "Taster's Pack" that will provide you with different power tube types that will sound significantly different from one another.

Build Ease and Time: Great instructions and very easy to build.  Time will vary depending on your experience.  Typical time is from 10 to 15 hours.  Soldering is required!

Don't miss our blog article where one customer talks about his building experience.

Other great features Elekit has included in the TU-LAB/TU8300R amplifier kit include:

-Pair of Shuguang 300B-98 output tubes and Shuguang 12AT7 input/preamp tubes

-Safety power shut-down circuit: If there is a current spike in the output transformer this circuit will detect it and turn the high voltage off.

-The power supply has a FET ripple fitler that reduces power supply hum and noise dramatically.

-Constant Current bias method to allow use of many common output tubes.

-The R-Core universal power transformer allows use all around the world (100V, 115V, 200V, and 230V)

For critical audiophiles, the TU-8300R amp kit is an amazing platform to build up from. Although it sounds great in stock form, the unique output transformer mounting brackets Elekit devised allow you to upgrade to many high-end output transformers to suit the listeners taste. Tango, James, Tamura, and Hashimoto all offer fantastic options. Virtually any transformer that has a 2.5K to 3.5K input impedance, rated for 10W or more will work well.

Download the full Elekit TU-8300R-TU-LAB 300B Single Ended Amplifier Kit Specs (PDF)

Additional Information and Downloads

Elekit TU-8300R-TU-LAB 300B Single Ended Amplifier Kit Specs (PDF)

Elekit TU-8300R English Assembly Manual (PDF)

Download Adobe Acrobat PDF reader

Warranty Information and Return Policy

Since this is an electronic product that is assembled by the user, we cannot provide a warranty like those found for regular pre-assembled electronics. Instead, Elekit can provide a counseling service. If there is a problem in the product please contact ELEKIT. However, throughout the instruction manual there are many check points, and we kindly ask you to make sure to pay attention to those check points as most of the time your problem can be solved if you follow them closely.

We can not accept returns of any kit that has been started.


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Email: info@elekit.co.jp

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Pleasant Surpise


This Elekit tube amplifier kit was a very pleasant surprise. Packaged extremely well with great easy to follow instructions and was simple to build. It is a nice looking unit with a simple and elegant single volume control on the face.

The sound was warm and consistent through the volume range. I was expecting the amp to have a sweet spot for ideal sound and was pleased that it carried well at low, medium and high volumes. I ran the amp steadily for about 2.5 hours with the tube cover on and it was barely warm to the touch. I'm comfortable that it could be run with the tubes exposed, which visually would be my preference. I like that look.

Overall, the amp did exceed expectations. It has a very good value to price relationship and is a pleasure to look at.

Still can't believe ist's only $1k


This is the best sounding amp I have lived with.
Last year I had an Audion SILVER NIGHT 300B and this unit kept up with it in power and sonics.
Best kept secret in tube audio. Sell your $2K to 6K amps and buy 2 or more.

Frank Fazzalari
Coherent Speakers

Superb 300B amplifier


I had the privilege of borrowing the "red amp" for two months. I fell in love with it. The full review can be found at Wall of Sound. Bottom line is there is no other amp I'd even consider buying with $1000 today.

What a butt kicking little amp!


This amp works GREAT. It went together almost disappointingly fast. Here I am armed with all sorts of wire, heat shrink and zip ties and didn't need any of it. The final product looks just like a commercially produced Japanese product..and that's just fine. And there's not one questionable part in the kit. Everything from great hardware over electronic parts down to the volume knob is as as good a quality as one could hope for from a kit that still has huge potential for mods. Love those double sided boards WITHOUT plated through holes. Talk about easy changes! I don't think that without a hot line to several resources this could be built from scratch for the same amount of money and turn out as nice, not to mention so quickly.

What a butt kicking little amp, a real winner and more than I expected.